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    P120E – The most versatile pizza oven on the market


    P120E models is a versatile pizza oven, both for dimension and for productivity. It’s ideal for baking “pizza al taglio”, pizza by the slice or “pizza alla pala”, traditional pastry, small bakery, and long leavened products.

    P120E features a wider baking chamber. It is available in 3 different dimensions to meet any installation requirement.


    P120E is the most versatile pizza oven on the market, but what does that mean?

    Moretti Forni’s P120 electric oven ensures an excellent amount of pizzas per hour you will be able to bake.

    SerieP 120E C has a single deck that allows baking simultaneously up to 16 pizzas (30Øcm). That means a production of 240 pizzas per hour or 6 trays (60x40cm) with a production of 48 trays per hour.

    Together with Amalfi, P60E and P80E, P120E versatile pizza ovens come in 5 different sizes. They are available with or without steam generator and, on demand, the front side of the hood can be completely in stainless steel. Moreover, you have the possibility of asking for a deck with a higher internal clearance suitable for baking particular products. It is also possible to choose among a wide list of accessories to customize the oven according to the various needs.


    An innovative technology, a piece of design.

    As we already mentioned, P120E is a super versatile electric deck oven, but its technology and design are also of primary relevance.

    Every serieP deck is provided with the exclusive Moretti System Control electronic board. Therefore, split setting of heat for the ceiling and the bottom, switch on timer, economy function and cooking programs.

    The whole serieP range is fitted with heavy-duty doors insulated with high density fiber. The glass is easily replaceable from outside the oven. All the serieP models are decorated with a special black dashboard giving the oven a nice and unalterable design. And that comes together with very high hygiene standards.


    As a consequence, like all the other Moretti Forni’s serieP models, P120E is not only the best electric pizza oven. It’s also a great piece of design to enlighten your restaurant.

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