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    Pastmatic is a BRAVO technology which provides pasteurization, cooling and ageing process in one machine. It takes up very little space, and there are 2 models available.

    1) Pastmatic 60 to pasteurize up to 60lt of mixture.
    2) Pastmatic 2×60 equipped with 2 independent elliptical tanks for the production up to 120lt of gelato base.

    Both of them automatically run “high temperature” and “low temperature” pateurization cycles.


    Patented elliptical tanks of the new generation

    This technology grants a perfect thermal exchange. The elliptical tank – if compared to other shapes – offers the advantage to make the mixture smoothly run along its walls. Without beating. Besides, it grants no standstill during the stirring process and avoids lumps making. It allows moreover to reduce spaces but to keep the same capacity of a roundshaped tank.


    Pastmatic’s new tank heating system

    Designed for a careful heating management, the new tank heating system is essential for keeping the organoleptic properties, the quality and the taste of food without alteration. The heating system radiates heat and makes mixture absorb it in a smooth and not aggressive way. Etched foil heating elements ensure no thermal inertia – which, instead, occurs in bain-marie heating systems – and avoid the most delicate ingredients to burn.


    Smart tank cooling system

    Pastmatic’s tank avoids the “igloo” effect, due to its smart and quick cooling system on both its bottom – side which keeps longer in contact with the mixture – and its side walls. “Igloo” effect occurs when some moisture coming from the external environment gathers on the walls of the tank, turns into ice and then melts affecting the quality of the mixture. Pastmatic ensures a gentle and high quality cooling of the mixture even for low quantity of product. The new evaporator for the cooling process grants the same performance halving however the power installed.


    Pastmatic’s new stirrer-pump with high mixing performances

    Also the new stirrer is covered by a patent. The device has now increased of a 20% mixing and aspiration performances. Stirrer works as a real pump through which sucks in the mixture and then strongly rubs on the bottom of the tank. Therefore it turns solids in liquids, thanks to an effective heat exchange getting a smooth and homogeneous base. You can also remove the stirrer from the top to prevent unhygienic and difficult-to-clean deposits on the bottom of the tank.


    Pastmatic’s quick and reliable cleaning process

    Hygiene is essential in food processing and it’s a quite critical issue as it requires time and resources. BRAVO has designed Pastmatic to make this process as easy and smooth as possibile. As a consequence, it will allow:

    1. QUICK cleaning. In a short time user can clean, disassemble and re-assemble the few components which are involved during pasteurization process (tank, stirrer and tap).
    2. EASY cleaning. All the components to be cleaned are visible and immediately identifiable, with no hidden or difficult-to-reach parts.
    3. DEFINITE cleaning. Once the few involved components are cleaned, the user is certain that the machine is sanitized for the next production cycle.​


    New electronic board “Duo series”

    A powerful machine is nothing without control. Thanks to the new digital electronic board and to the new generation probes, Pastmatic automatically and accurately controls mixing speed, temperatures and heating times. Its cooking and cooling process grants the mixture not to burn or to freeze during the preservation process. It always keeps everything under control and easy to use thanks to the pre-set and the free production programs.


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