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May 2, 2023

The most popular ice cream and gelato flavors in the US

Which are the most popular and beloved ice cream and gelato flavors in the States?

Here at MODALITA we always stress out how essential it is for any ambitious gelato shop to invest into quality products. Because picking the right equipment, studying the science behind the art of gelato making, always choosing flawless ingredients…

…all these are key success factors for any top class shop.

But, apart from them, there’s another key point to address: what do actual consumers usually buy?

In a recent blog post, we shared the main available data regarding the gelato industry. Today we wanna explore another kind of data, collected through apposite surveys across the US.

We’re talking about what sparks the customers’ interest every time they find themselves in front of a shiny gelato display case…


Most popular gelato and ice cream flavors in the US
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US’ top 5 flavors

As reported by Dailyreporter, the International Dairy Foods Association released the most comprehensive ice cream trends data to date in the US to better understand the consumers’ preferences.

The Association has first surveyed ice cream manufacturers and retailers in order to collect their view and numbers of the latest market trends. Afterwards, they surveyed 1000 consumers about their preferred ice cream flavors and then overlapped the results with those obtained by the professionals.

The findings showed some predictable variance, but the crossover overall determined some interesting common trends.

Here’s the results:

1. Cookies N’ Cream

2. Vanilla

3. Chocolate

4. Mint Chocolate Chip

5. Strawberry.

Another interesting finding is that statistically, the most appreciated flavor in general within the US is chocolate since 24 States picked a flavor with chocolate as a base for their top one.

Anyway, despite that, the bestseller remains vanilla, which covers around 26% of the total sales in the country.

In other words, if you want to play it safe, your shop can’t go wrong with vanilla and chocolate-based flavors!

The most popular gelato flavors State by State

Meanwhile, another interesting study has been carried out by Instacart. The food delivery company analyzed the ice cream sales in every State and then compared each data with the national average.

This way they found out some relevant patterns in different clusters of States. Beyond the 24 ones who picked chocolate based flavors and the always loved vanilla, they also discovered significant hankering for flavors like peanut butter cups and fudge. 

For instance, Moose Tracks appears to be the top unique flavor in 12 States.

Here’s the complete list with all the States, each with their own favorite. 

Alabama: Moose Tracks

Alaska: Green Tea

Arizona: Rocky Road

Arkansas: Rainbow Sherbet

California: Rocky Road

Colorado: Green Tea

Connecticut: Pistachio

Delaware: Cherry

Florida: Rum Raisin

Georgia: Rum Raisin

Hawaii: Mango

Idaho: Green Tea

Illinois: Moose Tracks

Indiana: Moose Tracks

Iowa: Moose Tracks

Kansas: Rainbow Sherbet

Kentucky: Chocolate Chip

Louisiana: Birthday Cake

Maine: Coffee

Maryland: Cookie Dough

Massachusetts: Coffee

Michigan: Moose Tracks

Minnesota: Moose Tracks

Mississippi: Birthday Cake

Missouri: Cookie Dough

Montana: Rainbow Sherbet

Nebraska: Moose Tracks

Nevada: Rocky Road

New Hampshire: Coffee

New Jersey: Pistachio

NY: Pistachio

New Mexico: Chocolate Chocolate Chip

NY: Pistachio

North Carolina: Birthday Cake

North Dakota: Moose Tracks

Ohio: Chocolate Chip

Oklahoma: Cookie Dough

Oregon: Green Tea

Pennsylvania: Mint Chip

Rhode Island: Coffee

South Carolina: Moose Tracks

South Dakota: Birthday Cake

Tennessee: Moose Tracks

Texas: Rainbow Sherbet

Utah: Rocky Road

Vermont: Coffee

Virginia: Birthday Cake

Washington: Green Tea

Washington, D.C.: Mango

West Virginia: Moose Tracks

Wisconsin: Moose Tracks

Wyoming: Rocky Road

How to use these market trends?

Getting to know your own country or State’s most popular gelato and ice cream flavors is surely a useful hint to better understand what your customer base is looking for.

Although you will most likely offer the most commonly sold flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, it doesn’t make it less important. Picking up your client’s preferences will in fact help you build an offer that includes both mainstream and more creative flavors.

You certainly need to satisfy the highest number of potential shop visitors. But you also need to distinguish yourself from any other shop around. And therefore showcasing exciting and surprising combinations of flavors might be one of your main marketing tools.

For sure, no matter which flavors you will decide to create and offer, the top priority will always be providing a tasteful, delicious and quality gelato that will earn your clients’ love.

People will always reward any random, top class gelato flavor instead of their favorite, poor quality one.

If you want to be one among the top gelato businesses we helped to bloom during these 10 years, you already know what to do.

Fill in the form now and get in touch with us!

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