Gelato Equipment & Design Services

At Modalita, we embody the essence of authentic Italian design and craftsmanship, taking great pride in every genuine import we bring to the US. Our gelato equipment and design services allow us to bring a new level of quality to ice cream shops and all kinds of other food businesses throughout the States.

Each product available at Modalita is part of a selection among the very best, 100% Italian top-notch restaurant equipment.

We offer our products through a customized order inquiry system. In fact, we understand that everyone has a unique vision for how they want their business to look. When you work with our design services or you buy one of our products, you can rest assured that things will look exactly as you envisioned. Whether you’ve selected one of our ice cream machines, pizza equipment, display cases, or furniture options, it will always fit perfectly into your location.

Would you like to bounce an idea off of us or engage our full suite of capabilities? Then our team will happily assist you!


Step into the realm of Italian innovation and excellence! From first class gelato machines to top-tier pizza equipment, each product is meticulously crafted and selected to help you reach your goals.

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MODALITA is a full service design firm specializing in importing high end contemporary furnishings, products for contract sales, food and gelato equipment.

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