MODALITA offers an authentic “one stop shop” solution for all Italian decor and furnishing necessities. We work with our clients through each step of the design process, curating their entire experience with us.

Our goal is to provide clients with high-quality products and first class service. In doing so, we remain transparent through every step of the design process, while providing a curated package of professional services to make each client’s experience with MODALITA valuable and memorable.


Design + Concept Development
We provide full design and architectural services. From initial sketches and meetings, we prepare layouts, full renderings, design documents, shop drawings and everything else needed for your project.
Technical information as needed to address and meet all your refrigeration and display requirements.
Business Consulting

Improving the performance of your business based on years of combined experience in the restaurant and design industry.

Individual Training

Personalized demonstrations and “hands on” practice on our showroom equipment.

Demos & Classes

Specialty classes in gelato, ice cream, and pastry demonstrations. In addition, we provide side by side opportunities to engage with professional chefs in the industry.

Post Sales Services

Our technicians are trained in Italy on our products to troubleshoot and service any issues that may arise. Moreover, we stock most replacement parts and accessories.

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