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    Drop-in Delice is a pastry display commonly recognised as one of the top class bakery counters.

    It’s indeed an upscale and technologically advanced counter by the market leader IFI. This unique display case enhances the uniqueness of your pastries and baked goods by showcasing them with respect and elegance. Its sophisticated design grants high product visibility and allows you to present your creations with creativity, making them stand out from any other.

    You can customize your Delice pastry display according to your needs. This means that you can adjust the counter in multiple ways in order to enhance its aesthetics and limitless functionalities. Moreover, these stunning bakery counters enlight any business and shop, proving how your delicacy offering is worth its price.

    Last but not least, this refrigerated display tops at the same height as the worktop. As a consequence, the pastry display ensures both superior visibility and easy, frictionless service.

    DROP-IN DELICE’s design is perfect to hold commercial trays that have the following sizes: 23.62” x 15.74”. But it’s available in a number of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to adapt the display with a customization based on your space and needs.

    If you’re looking for a top notch piece of equipment that will help you make the difference for your creations, contact us now and get your quote!

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