Bravo is a leading manufacturer brand for a wide range of professional machines in the production of artisan gelato, pastry and chocolate.


Ever since its foundation in 1967, the BRAVO brand's history established itself upon innovative products and successful ideas.

It also introduced to the world the philosophy of Trittico®. The multi-purpose machine evolved since 1974 into its current sixth generation edition.

It founded some branches worldwide, such as the North American, most notoriously. This branch has its offices and showroom in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its goal is to support its customers during their work and to be at their side 365 days a year.

In this page, you can find the best equipment Bravo has for your gelato business. It features a selection of gelato machines that are sure to meet your shop's needs.



Camurri is the Italian brand that has consistently set the standard in crafting cutting-edge machines. All its products are icons of the meticulous art of brewing filter coffee, chocolate and tea.

  It creates indulgent hot chocolate, thus maintaining thermal and bain-marie perfection. Its ability to generate hot water and steam with precision provides also versatile beverage dispenser trolleys. That's why Camurri is today recognized as an epitome of the Italian excellence. The brand's commitment extends beyond mere functionality. It strives in fact for products that are not only practical and innovative but also environmentally friendly. This conscious choice encompasses essential values such as arrangement, flexibility, respect, punctual delivery. The provision of qualified and present assistance is instead a testament to Camurri's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and sustainable business practices.


Futility ® is a visionary Italian design brand that embodies the spirit of an open, multi-level project.

Futility is a creative universe where everything is possible. It is a brand that focuses on exploration, and therefore provides innovative and fancy solutions to a wide range of issues. Also, it's a single container that collects the most diverse elements. These can be Plexiglas objects, as well as the new Daxì SLIDING DESK mobile counter. Made by Futility's laboratory of technologies, Daxì stands out on the market through design and creativity. Action Giromari has always sought to enhance the aesthetic language of creatives and companies. In fact, its goal is transforming projects into concrete, custom-made objects. And consistently with this vision, Daxì is both a stylish decorative and efficiently functional piece of design. This upscale, cutting-edge sliding desk is a fully customizable workstation able to promote the brand image of any business. The new sliding desk is a concentrate of technology with a spice of fancy Made in Italy design. A true equipped space on the move, easy and flexible to use. Daxì is always a viable option to enhance any kind of food business. We can shape it to such an extent that it becomes a cocktail bar as well as an equipped kitchen. Or maybe a DJ station, a creperie, a sushi station, a drink counter or anything else you can imagine. Futility brings in a chameleonic tool that will amuse your customers and distinguish your shop from any other.


GEMM is the leading company of the refrigeration world in efficiency and design.

In just a few years, GEMM has become leader in manufacturing of refrigerated equipment for professional catering. Recently, the company has undergone major expansion. They extended the first plant and acquired a second one. Today GEMM has been able to surpass an astonishing number of 7500 pieces produced per year. This repentine success is due to its ability to develop state-of-the-art refrigeration systems by evaluating every tiny detail. GEMM researches and evaluates structure, thermo-dynamic plant, finishes and technical details by using the most advanced technologies. The range of GEMM food refrigeration systems has been designed and manufactured specifically for the professional food industry. That includes kitchens, laboratories and, more generally, everything relating to professional catering. But the demand comes from all the main food sectors: catering, ice cream, pastry, bakery and pizzeria. The company distributes its products around Italy and abroad via a widespread and well- organized network of dealers chosen among the most qualified and established in the sector, thus ensuring product reliability and after-sales service. GEMM’s pride lies in its capability to develop and implement cutting-edge refrigerated systems. And that is mainly due to its dynamic, young yet expert workforce.

Moretti Forni8

Moretti Forni, the leading company in the production of deck ovens for pizza, pastry, bakery, and long leavenedMoretti Forni is acknowledged to be the leading Company in the field of static baking, and is known worldwide as “The SmartBaking Company®”.

  The company has been operating in the market for over 70 years. Today, is the world’s leader in the production of deck ovens for pizza, pastry, bakery, and long leavened. It is also the reference brand for convection, conveyor, and both gas and electric ovens.  

Heat as an ingredient

Moretti Forni has evolved the concept of "heat" as a real ingredient that must necessarily be of the best quality in order to achieve the perfect result. Thus, “heat is an ingredient®” becomes the corporate claim. That has completely changed the way of thinking at the baking process to create made in Italy products. The baking phase is not the final step of a recipe anymore, but it becomes the element defining both the whole process and the success of the preparation.   Making the baking experience perfect is the mission of Moretti Forni. The company is at the forefront in everything it undertakes, from product design to technical and scientific innovation. And therefore, to respect for the environment. Investing in research and human resources is a key to reach superior outcomes. All solutions proposed by Moretti Forni ensure high safety to the operator, energy savings and efficiency. Obviously, with the constant of baking perfection for all ovens: a wide range of products to guarantee the customer the right solution to their needs. Today the market is increasingly requiring advanced skills in the baking field. That's why Moretti Forni becomes #CotturaFutura for the research of heat evolution, whereby professionals and technologies draw a path towards the future of baking.   Moretti Forni provides all the necessary tools. From financial services to interior design, from aftersales service guaranteed all over the world to training. MorettiLAB Learn And Bake is the first academy in the world specifically focused on baking. The company thus becomes a SmartBaking® Solution Provider with optimal solutions for all customer needs.


Columbia stands for passion for fresh food.

High-quality workmanship characterizes Columbia`s products, whether hand-crafted single-pieces from manufactory or industrially manufactured refrigerated cases and displays. Since 1982, Columbia designs and produces refrigerated cabinets for the Food Retail, with unique solutions for customers worldwide. In addition, it also produces small and medium series with the highest quality and efficiency. Outstanding quality standards, modular design and the most modern test methods ensure product performance and excellence. People with passion for what they do guarantee the long-term satisfaction of our customers. In this page, you can find our selection of the best products Columbia has for your business. It features a wide range of horizontal displays for your gelato shop, according on your needs.


Criocabin was established in 1984 and soon became a top manufacturer of cold storage units and displays.

  Criocabin expanded its product range to include refrigerated counters in 2000, working together with creative companies. This strategy kept one single goal in mind: creating exclusive products tailored to the customers’ needs. Its products act as the meeting point between design and functionality. Therefore, they can easily keep up with new trends and innovations.   Uniqueness, creativity, style and made-in Italy production are key points for this top brand. In this page, you can find our selection of the best products Criocabin has for your business. Their displays range from vertical to horizontal models, with the most varied cabinet layouts. Therefore, you can always find the perfect match for your shop. If you still are not sure about what best fits your needs and you don`t want to make costly mistakes, contact us immediately!

Et al.48

Et al. is the ultimate evolution of the Metalmobil brand.

Et al. produces furnishing, mainly chairs and tables for the hospitality business. The many collections in the catalog come out of a combination of traditional craftsmanship, industrial innovation and good design. They also include products developed with international designers. Subsequently, Et al. is a brand of IFI S.p.A., a leading industrial group providing furnishings and technology for the Food & Beverage sector. Moreover, it's also the winner of two Compasso d’Oro design awards in 2014 and 2018.

In this page, you can find a wide range of furnishing by this Italian luxury brand. From colorful sofas to modern-looking chairs, we have it all here. With just one click, you can easily find the right furniture for your shop.

But if you still want to know more about the different furnishing options you might choose for your business, don`t make costly mistakes: contact us immediately!


Felicerossi, founded in 1922, is internationally recognized as an interpreter of design in its purest form in furnishing.

The aesthetics of Felicerossi furnishing combines, for instance, social relevance, usability, environmental sustainability. However, they also focus on ergonomics, innovation and simplicity of construction. Moreover, its products carry a broader meaning, following the theme of design for the future without forgetting the past. The Felicerossi collection received several awards. It is also part of exhibits in museums. These include, most importantly: the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In addition, other mentions include: the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Germany and The Triennale in Milan. In this page, we have a wide listing of luxury furnishing products by the brand. Ranging from tables, chairs and sofas, their products will give your business the perfect modern look.


IFI was born in 1962, in Pesaro.

Since then, IFI established itself as an artisan firm specializing in the production of gelato, pastry and ice cream parlors display cases. As a result, it has made its mark on the history of food & beverage business. And it has made it through innovations that established new reference standards for the sector all over the world. The award winning design combined with technological quality consequently made this one of the leading manufacturers of display cases. In this page, you can find our selection of the best products IFI has for your business. From beautiful horizontal displays for your gelato to top notch machines for your shop, we have it all here. Don`t risk to make avoidable mistakes by choosing the wrong equipment for your gelato, ice cream and pastry shop. Contact us immediately and let us drive you towards the best feasible and top quality solution to raise up your business.


Pedrali has a long history that finds its roots in Bergamo, where it as born in 1963.

  Since then, Pedrali has become a top class leading manufacturer in the sector. Today, it is a company that produces award winning contemporary design furnishing for public spaces, offices and homes. It excels in this line of business with its modern and colorful designs. To ensure only top class design products, Pedrali conducts the most thorough researches. For instance, the italian brand studies the creation of industrial design products made of plastic, metal, wood and upholstered materials, to learn the finest manufacturing techniques. Above all, its goal is to work hard to continue improving its craft. As a result, it became one of the leading manufacturers of contract furniture in the world. In this page, you will find a wide variety of contract furniture by Pedrali. From tables to stools, chairs to sofas, the right furnishing for your Gelato shop is here. Choosing an exquisite design furnishing makes the difference for your business. Get in touch with us now and let us help you to make your space irresistible and unique.


TEKNE' ITALIA is a manufacturing company that designs and produces state of the art cart equipment for mobile vending.

TEKNE` ITALIA was born in Italy in 2010, from the idea of two young entrepreneurs. Since then, this top brand has sold its carts and vehicles all over the world. Consequently, the quality and vintage design of its products has been widely recognized by the most prestigious companies in the hospitality business. In this page, we have a complete listing of unbeatable design carts. Moreover, aside from a stunning splash of color, these models are dynamic and functional, real war machines in the gelato industry. Best performances and superior visual is their key for your commercial success. These appealing characteristics make them the perfect tool for your gelato business.

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