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    The new multi-service showcase, Lumière (design Delineodesign) recognizable by the distinctive radius of curvature of the front glass, heated by tungsten wires, a technology borrowed from the automotive industry for high thermodynamic performance. An application of technology assisted by the HCS (Hi-performance Closure System) rear closing system, invented by Ifi to the advantage of ice-cream quality, hygiene and energy saving. This system allows, with the aid of an integrated sensor, to reduce the number of defrosts based on the actual opening time of the showcase and limiting the access of external air only at the time of administration.


    • laminated curved front glass for a perfect gelato visibility, with power-assisted opening from top to bottom;
    • front glass heated with tungsten wires, which allow a differentiated heating to the advantage of energy saving;
    • the RDF system reduces the number of defrosts, which are activated on the basis of the time the display case is actually open, benefiting the preservation of the gelato.
    • energy savings and greater hygiene thanks to the combination of RDF and the HCS closure system;
    • hidden hinge for a greater visual and formal neatness of the showcase;
    • LED lighting;
    • height of gelato up to 8 cm from the edge of the pan;
    • back closure available in 8mm plexiglass sliding doors or with a fiberglass panel;
    • HCS (Hi-performance Closure System) technology, available on both rear closure systems supplied with the display cabinet.
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