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December 1, 2022

Tekné Italia Gelato & Food Cart: a game changer for your business

Tekne Italia luxury gelato and food cart by modalita

During the last few years, you may have already heard about Tekné Italia’s vintage gelato and food cart. The Italian company has been growing and spreading all over the world at a steady pace, since a huge number of food businesses have already understood the incredible potential of such an innovation in the industry.

The history of Tekné Italia started in 2010, by the hand of the two Sicilian brothers Giorgio and Vincenzo Bonarrigo. At that time, their father was working as an entrepreneur in the fridge industry, where they could gather some experience and know-how.

That’s when they had a simple yet groundbreaking idea. Everybody in the world knows Italy for its two main excellence: food and design. So, why not put them together to create a product capable of taking both of them anywhere?

A revolutionary innovation in the gelato and food industry 

Like often happens with successful innovation, the tradition has shaped the idea. Italy is recognized for its long history of high end manufacturing, and food carts existed long before Tekné Italia. 

Italians have been selling gelato in moving carts since the end of the 19th century. Today, moving vendors use carts almost everywhere in the world.

Bonarrigo’s intuition was realizing that all the food carts used by vendors around were cheap equipment. Made for cheap products. That’s when Tekné Italia came in. Its new gelato and food cart had to be a fancy, technologically flawless, high end tool designed to enlighten the quality of the finest food and beverage products.

Carts no longer had to represent cheap vendors. But instead, they had to be something that the best producers could be proud of taking around to showcase their creations.

This way, selling their own products outside the shop became an opportunity as well for the top class food businesses.

A mobile cart to reach your clients wherever they are

Tekné Italia’s luxury carts are design masterpieces based on the vintage Italian style. Each gelato or food cart is indeed a beautiful piece of craftsmanship capable of catching the eye of customers in every situation.

The two cart’s most successful versions are Procopio and Katerina. The first one is a slightly bigger, iconic, vintage cart. Katerina is a little bit smaller, fancy and extremely elegant. 

By the way, despite their unmatched beauty, the carts are not just about aesthetics. Every innovation, to be successful and broadly adopted, must indeed match and counter a precise market need. You could have the fanciest product in the world, but if it doesn’t solve a problem, you’ll hardly meet any success.

Tekné’s bet was that top class food businesses needed the chance to bring their products outside the walls of their shops. Moving the products means catching a whole range of new commercial opportunities, by showcasing them to new audiences in new locations, and by increasing their own brand awareness outside their usual local area.

Moreover, even just having a luxury, fancy, cart outside your shop attracts new customers to your door. And if you want to bring your products to specific luxury events, you have a tool that completely allows you to store, refrigerate and show them around, whatever they are.

Each cart is tailor made and has customized branding, color and design. And you can sell everything you want: gelato, yogurt, sushi, drinks, as well as pizza, champagne, crepes. You just need to raise your quality level, order a customized luxury cart and sell your products at profitable prices wherever you want.

Be one among the over 1000 luxury carts all over the world

Today, Tekné Italia’s luxury gelato and food carts are sold all over the world. Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada, but also the Middle East, Singapore, and many other countries: more than 1000 Tekné carts are already around there, showcasing top notch food and beverages and accumulating profits in their owner’s hands.

Like Gaston Glacier, who sells his artisanal gelato in Bruxelles and has already become a cult in the area.

Like Daniele, who brings his Italian Caprese with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella in Washington DC.

Or like Giuseppe, who started his artisanal gelato business in Perth thanks to Tekné’s Katerina 6 Slim cart. Giuseppe has recently won the Perth Royal Food Award in three different categories: gelato, dairy, and overall champion.

Here at MODALiTA we are proud to be the official and exclusive partner of Tekné Italia in the US. We immediately understood the innovative power offered by Tekné’s innovation. And therefore, we embraced with them the mission to empower the American food business with such a masterpiece tool.

Thanks to our tight partnership with Tekné, we have the experience and the know-how to advise and help you to choose the perfect cart for your needs.

Don’t miss this chance and don’t waste your time.

If your product is top class, you’re only a step away to give a boost to your business. Just contact us and let’s start creating your vintage gelato or food cart right away!

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