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June 7, 2024

Gelato and Ice Cream Equipment usage: a guide through the production process

Have you ever wondered how the professional gelato and ice cream production process really works?

Gelato and ice cream equipment play a crucial role in the process, but how exactly do they streamline operations? How’s the process and how is it structured? Understanding which are the steps involved will better make it clear what role do each piece of equipment actually play.

Ice cream production is in fact a multi-step journey. Each stage requires specific equipment, and a correct choice of this equipment will ensure different levels of quality and consistency. 

The process that stands behind any marvelous frozen treat is a fascinating journey, where simple ingredients transform into beloved frozen delights. But for you, if you’re planning on opening a business or you’re already running one, it’s also a matter of success or failure.

Make any mistake through it, and your business will have to pay the price.

Therefore, in this blog post we decided to uncover step by step the gelato and ice cream equipment you’ll need, and its applications at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Gelato and ice cream equipment tips: how to use them guide

The 8 main steps behind the ice cream and gelato production process

While gelato and ice cream are different products, we’ll discuss them here as the same dessert because their production processes are very similar.

1) Ingredients selection and combination

The foundation for crafting excellent ice cream begins with the selection of the key ingredients. Milk, sugar, flavors, emulsifiers and stabilizers are in fact the bricks you’ll need to build the gelato you are aiming for.

Precise measurement of these elements is crucial to achieve the consistency and flavor profile you are looking for. A true gelato master is in fact able to maneuver this mix to obtain specific results.

This initial step sets the stage for the texture, flavor, and overall quality of the ice cream. Industrial ice cream machines, scales and instruments for measuring ingredients are essential for this phase.

2) Heating and pasteurization

To ensure food safety, you will need to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria from the mixture. This typically is the second phase of the ice cream production process: pasteurization.

Pasteurization is typically carried out at temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 degrees Celsius. As we explained here, there also are other methods to make gelato without pasteurization, but this is the one we usually recommend.

Pasteurization in fact not only removes potential pathogens but also contributes to the creaminess and cohesion of the ice cream, enhancing the final result. You can carry out this crucial procedure with several machines.

A comprehensive gelato and ice cream equipment setup can surely facilitate this process effectively. If you’re looking for an excellent, classic tool, you may consider the masterpiece Trittico Executive Evo machine by BRAVO.

3) Standardization

At this stage, the ice cream mixture undergoes homogenization, reducing the size of particles to achieve a creamier, smoother consistency. This process breaks down fat molecules and ensures even dispersion throughout the mixture.

Homogenization is essential to prevent the formation of large ice crystals during freezing, improving the stability and texture of the ice cream.

This step too can be easily carried out by a top-notch commercial ice cream machine. You can find some here.

4) Maturation and cooling

The fourth step in making ice cream involves combining the components and allowing the mixture to rest. This resting period allows the ingredients to fully integrate and develop the desired flavor profile. Depending on the recipe, this maturation process can range from a few hours to several.

During this time, the flavors meld together, creating a more cohesive structure and enhancing the overall taste experience.

Chilling the mixture before freezing is crucial to improving the quality of the final product and should not be overlooked.

Maturation tanks and refrigeration units are essential for these procedures. If you invest into quality gelato or ice cream equipment, your machines typically integrate these components seamlessly.

5) Churning and freezing

Following this, you will need to transfer the chilled mixture to a freezer where it gets frozen while being mixed simultaneously. During this churning process, air is incorporated into the mixture, giving the ice cream its characteristic creamy texture.

This is also the step where gelato and ice cream differ more. The amount of air incorporated, together with the amount of fats and sugar, determines whether you’ll make an authentic Italian gelato or its “american cousin” ice cream.

Anyway, this stage is essential for transforming the liquid mixture into an airy, semi-solid structure that resembles the familiar texture of our beloved frozen dessert.

Churning machines and batch freezers are essential equipment for this process.

6) Adding ingredients and toppings

Then, it’s time to incorporate the other ingredients and toppings. Adding chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc into the ice cream mix during the freezing process allows you to create, infuse and balance a delightful array of flavors.

This is the stage that will enable the creation of a diverse range of ice cream flavors. You can thus cater to various tastes and preferences. And more importantly, this is the moment when you have the chance to make your product’s taste stand out.

For this phase, gelato and ice cream equipment may include fruit dispensers, ripple pumps, blenders, etc, depending on the specific type of ice cream you want to make.

7) Product hardening and extrusion

This stage marks the near completion of the ice cream manufacturing process, allowing a moment of rest for your gelato and ice cream equipment.

After churning, the ice cream may still be too soft for immediate storing and serving. To firm up the product, it is typically moved to a colder freezer. During this hardening process, gelato solidifies further, lowering its temperature and ensuring it reaches the perfect consistency.

Once hardened to the proper firmness, the ice cream can be extruded from the freezer.

Extrusion shapes the finished product by forcing the ice cream out of the machine through the proper nozzles or apertures. Cones, cups, and tubs can be formed from the ice cream through this process.

8) Storage and serving

At this point, your gelato is ready!

Once the final result matches your expectations, and your product’s taste and texture reaches perfection, you finally can store it and make it ready to be served.

You will then need basic tools like stainless steel gelato pans and scoops to serve it properly.

But there’s still one crucial aspect you will need to consider: an excellent gelato needs an excellent display case to showcase it the way it deserves.

Customers buy with their eyes before that with their palates: to highlight the quality and flavors of your creation, you will definitely need to make it shine.

At MODALiTA we have a vast selection of top class visual display cases. Pick the one that fits your shop best!

MODALiTA selects and provides the best gelato and ice cream equipment 

During these years, we have partnered with a number of top class, inspiring businesses in the food and gelato industry. Today we have developed huge expertise and know-how in every process involved in the business, and we’re able to assist you both technically and strategically in setting up your business.

MODALiTA is in fact your partner in selecting and providing the very best gelato and ice cream equipment for your needs.

But also, an asset for you to design your shop from scratch, or simply to help you avoid any costly business mistake.

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