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July 4, 2024

Fancy Food 24: Highlights from this NYC’s Summer Edition Trade Show

A week has already passed since the curtain of the Summer Edition of Fancy Food 24 has fallen. Now it’s on us to sum it all up, reviewing what this year’s Show has brought and taught us before moving towards our next goal.

Overall, this has been a truly rewarding Edition of the Fancy Food Show.

In the last few years, the event has been confirmed to be an unmissable occasion for any kind of foodservice business to build and nurture partnerships and relationships. The effort to make it sustainable, also makes it utterly innovative and a catalyst for new technologies and solutions.

However, for us at MODALiTA, the main reason why Fancy Food 24 has been particularly rewarding lies in our partnerships. Sharing goals with our clients and partners is what drives us most of our choices.

Thus, here’s a small recap with the highlights of this freshly passed Edition of the Show.

Fancy Food 24
Photo by: Eric Vitale Photography

Our 3 Fancy Food 24 Highlights

1) Our partnership with Calvisius & GialloZafferano

The first exciting partnership we set up for Fancy Food 24 is the one with Calvisius and GialloZafferano.

Calvisius is an Italian top level brand that sells and imports exquisite Made in Italy caviar. The product is indisputably a peak excellence in the world. The company grants around 15% of the global caviar production, and grants a pure, authentic and sustainable product.

GialloZafferano is instead one of the most renowned Italian culinary brands, and needs no introduction. Famous for its recipes, it counts today around 43 millions followers worldwide.

This partnership brought together the famous food blogger and Chef CookerGirl (Aurora Cavallo), the Chef Nicola Fedeli and our long term partner TeknéItalia, leading Italian luxury cart brand.

Together they showcased an incredible Green Peas Gelato with Oscietra Imperial Caviar, grasping the attention and the palate of a ton of shocked visitors. That has truly been the demonstration of the peak Italian excellence may achieve while properly mixing taste, food culture, design and technology.

Photos by: Eric Vitale Photography

2) Rega and Ciro Iovine’s astonishing pizza

The second partnership of ours that truly made the difference during the 3-day Show, was the one with Rega USA, Ciro Iovine and Moretti Forni.

Rega USA is an historical food import brand born in Southern Italy. For over 60 years, Rega has in fact brought tons of Italian agricultural delicacies into the US. Ciro Iovine is the Chef from the widely famous NYC pizzeria Song’e Napule.

Together, for Fancy Food 24 they baked tons of incredible pizzas by merging their “Autentico” ingredients with their technical expertise and the superior performance of Moretti Forni’s masterpiece ovens.

3) The miraculous bakery of Molino Dallagiovanna

The third highlight of our attendance at this year’s Fancy Food Show was certainly our collaboration with Molino Dallagiovanna.

Molino Dallagiovanna is an Italian leading brand for production and export of top quality flour. They sell all kinds of flours, but with a precise requirement: each of them needs to be the best. Masters of dough, with their Moretti Forni Series S oven we provided them, they delighted crowds of visitors with their unmatched baked goods.

Needless to say, Moretti Forni proved again to have delivered to the industry true and unmatched technological masterpiece ovens.

Unfortunately we don’t have very good photos of their stand because we were too busy talking with people and enjoying their pastries and bread. Shame on us.

Molino Dallagiovanna with Moretti Forni at  Fancy Food Show 2024

Did you miss Fancy Food 24?

If you missed all these stands with their own culinary and technological excellence, worry not. We’re surely attending Fancy Food again next year, for a 2025 Summer Show that promises to be an even bigger edition of the event.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in any of the top-notch Equipment we provide to these visionary businesses, you don’t need to wait.

Just reach out for a quote or just schedule a visit to our Showroom to learn how to skyrocket your food business!

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