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June 17, 2024

NYC Summer Fancy Food 2024 is coming! Here’s what you need to know

Mark your calendars: NYC’s Fancy Food Show 2024 is coming back from June 23rd to June 25th

Its 68th Edition promises to be an even bigger event compared to its past editions. But apart from that, what is absolutely certain is that this is gonna be as always a not-to-miss event.

Why do we say so? Because it’s not only one of the largest gatherings in the food industry. It’s in fact also the place where innovation meets tradition, and regional flavors become global. For three thrilling days, the Fancy Food Show 2024 will indeed transform Manhattan’s Javits Center into a culinary epicenter where the latest trends, products, and ideas are unveiled.

Fancy Food literally acts as a global springboard for a number of the most exquisite and diverse food products from every corner of the world. Whether you’re a buyer, producer or distributor, this is where you will need to be. It’s indeed a prime opportunity to learn from industry leaders and forge valuable connections with them.

Here exhibitors showcase their finest offerings to thousands of attendees, making it the perfect platform for product launches and brand exposure. The Specialty Food Association, the esteemed organization behind the event, represents the landmark for specialty food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across North America.

From gourmet snacks and artisanal cheeses to fine chocolates, exotic teas, and craft sauces, the Fancy Food Show offers an unparalleled range of specialty products. And along with them, infinite opportunities for you to promote and expand your business.

If you’re a professional in the foodservice industry, you simply can’t afford to miss it!

The History of Fancy Food Show, from the beginning to 2024

The Fancy Food’s inception dates back to the post-war mid 1950s. Since then, it has undergone significant transformations.

Initially, the event literally focused on high end imported products and “fancy” foods like imported Champagne and caviar. It was thus mainly based on catering to the tastes of American consumers who developed a taste for European flavors.

Fancy Food in the 50’s

However, over the years the show has evolved to reflect new trends and the way the specialty food industry was growing and diversifying. The show started to expand to include a broader range of products, such as gourmet snacks, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, chocolates, teas, coffees, and many more.

Today, the Summer Fancy Food Show is one of the largest and most prestigious trade-only events in the specialty food industry. Every year it attracts thousands of industry professionals from around the world, and among every food sector.

The show has also become a platform for innovation, featuring cutting-edge ingredients and products that cater to emerging trends and consumer preferences. Recent trends spotted at the last editions of Fancy Food include the use of kelp, cactus, and hemp in product development, as well as keto-friendly formulations and snacks made from mushrooms.

But in addition to product discovery, the Fancy Food Show has mainly become a hub for networking and education. The event offers various sessions and workshops, such as the Organic Insights session at the Summer Fancy Food Show. This provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and behaviors, as well as essential data to guide strategic decisions in the thriving organic market.

In 2024, Fancy Food has maintained its commitment to values-driven innovation and evolution, thus proudly showcasing the diverse range of specialty food products all around the world.

Fancy Food Show 2024 Javits Center
Fancy Food Show today

2023 Past Edition Data 

Still figuring out whether to attend or not?

Take a look at this report provided by the Specialty Food Association, that collected all the Show’s relevant data in this downloadable PDF: 

Fancy Food 2023 Data


Show Dates & Hours

Sunday, January 19, 2025: 10am* – 5pm

Monday, January 20, 2025: 10am* – 5pm

Tuesday, January 21, 2025: 10am* – 3pm

Pavilions and this year’s Food Categories

This year, the Show will feature 8 main pavilions. Each of them will focus on a specific product category or field of interest.

These 8 pavilions will be:

– Debut District (New)

– Bakery Pavilion

– Beverage Pavilion

– Snacks & Sweets Pavilion

– Deli Pavilion

– Plant Based Pavilion

– Supplier Diversity Pavilion

– Business Services Pavilion

NYC Fancy Food Show 2024: pavilions

Meet MODALiTA at NYC Fancy Food Show 2024!

Of course, as every year we could not miss this exciting gathering for professional gluttons.

For us, Fancy Food is indeed a great opportunity to meet our existing and future clients. Indeed, establishing connections and partnerships, as discussing business and optimal solutions with them, it’s deeply important for us. But also, it’s one of the best chances we have to discover new trends and learn which new innovations will offer better solutions to our client’s most recurring problems.

And of course, the world’s best spot to get a taste of any kind of dream food you might ever wish to try!

Last but not least, we’re excited to announce a special collaboration between renowned GialloZafferano’s testimonial chef, Cooker Girl, and Nicola Fedeli, the esteemed executive chef of Fasano restaurant in NYC. This dynamic duo will join forces in our showroom this Wednesday to craft exquisite gelato for the upcoming trade show.

If you will pay us a visit during the event, they will also let you taste some special gelato and caviar!

So, if you’re planning to attend the Show, take a look at the booths where we’ll showcase our Equipment.

This is the updated list:


Calvisius: Booth #2664

MORETTI SERIES S Electric Deck Oven

Molino Dallagiovanna: Booth #2630-2632

Rega USA LLC: Booth #2672

Antico Casale – Molino Denti: Booth #1851 – Level 3

MORETTI NEAPOLIS Electric Oven to make
Neapolitan Pizza

Rega USA LLC: Booth #2672

MORETTI T64 Conveyor Oven 

Antico Casale – Molino Denti: Booth #1851 – Level 3

Join us at the Javits Center! You’ll become part of the culinary spectacle that every year shapes the future of the food industry!

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