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January 20, 2023

SIGEP 2023 – All you need to know about the 44th edition of the Dolce Expo

SIGEP 2023 Rimini The Dolce World Expo

SIGEP 2023 is coming!

Rimini’s SIGEP is the world’s leading B2B Show in the dessert industry, and one of the most important Food Expos overall.

Every year it connects hundreds of brands, companies and investors coming from every corner of the planet. The Show is an unmissable event that helps professionals to network among each other, get to know the latest market trends and level up their business with the latest innovations.

Raw materials, ingredients, machinery and equipment, furnishings, packaging, services and so on: each part of the supply chain is involved.

This year the 44th Edition of the SIGEP Expo will take place from January 21 to January 25

MODALiTA, as always, will be present during the entire event duration.

Why to participate at SIGEP 2023?

Participating at SIGEP Dolce World Expo is always a big opportunity for any operator in the food and dessert industry. 

Last year, among the more or less 170.000 visitors who went to the fair, 33.000 were professionals coming from over 182 different countries.

But which are the main reasons to be part of it? And why should you invest your time into this Expo?


First of all, for networking. The fair brings together a wide range of companies and vendors from all over the world. Whatever is your specialization, the Expo provides you an excellent opportunity to make new business contacts.

Those can become clients, or maybe suppliers able to diminish your costs and upgrade your offerings.


Secondly, exposure: participating in Sigep can provide companies with significant exposure to the media. As we have already pointed out, the fair attracts a huge number of visitors and industry professionals, and that includes media representatives.

The events held at the Expo are also usually well covered by the local and international press, granting companies exposure through various media coverage.

Market insights

The Dolce World Expo provides companies with an opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends, new products, equipment and technologies in all the main industries involved.

Additionally, attendees can get in touch with industry professionals and gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape in these sectors. This works also for entrepreneurs who are still planning on opening a new food related business. At Sigep they indeed can find valuable information to successfully enter these markets.

Product promotion

Of course, one of the best reasons to participate is product or service promotion. Companies can showcase their products and services to a wide audience that might potentially be into them. That can obviously help them increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Moreover, they might be also able to promote their products or services to interested investors who are looking for propitious and appealing opportunities.

Learning opportunities

Last but not least, there are loads of learning opportunities! Companies can in fact attend workshops and demos from industry experts. That means grasping the chance to learn from the very best expertise about new techniques and best practices.

This way they can step-up their business by improving their products and services according to the market trends and emerging needs.

The main 4 industries at SIGEP 2023

SIGEP focuses on 4 main dessert related industries.

We’re talking about gelato, pastry & bakery, chocolate and coffee.

SIGEP 2023 Map


Regarding gelato, SIGEP is the one and only trade show in the world featuring the entire supply chain of Artisan Gelato.

Additionally, in its relative section, the fair hosts the world’s largest concentration of companies in the gelato industry. In 2022 almost 30% of the exhibitors were part of the gelato industry.

These include every piece of the supply chain including machinery, ingredients, displays, services, packaging, franchises, training and so on. At the Expo, operators always launch new trends for the upcoming year, as well as new shop formats and competitions intended to promote excellence. 

Pastry & Bakery

The second main section is related to pastry and bakery, which together account for roughly 27% of the exhibitors.

Exactly like gelato, SIGEP features the whole supply chain of pasticceria. This section gathers all the leading names within the pastry and confectionery world, including artisans, suppliers and service providers.

During the main event, several exhibitions and challenges take place at the Pastry Arena. Here you can showcase or discover the absolute excellence on the market.


The third section is the one about coffee. The coffee section hosted 19% of the exhibitors in 2022, with a particular focus on ingredients and technologies.

SIGEP’s coffee section raises awareness about plantations around the world, as well as about a wide range of processing techniques. And on tasting, obviously. Several competitions take place during the 5-day event, as always showcasing only the very best in class.


The last section features chocolate.

This section is still rather small compared to the other ones. In 2022 it hosted 5% of the total exhibitors. By the way, SIGEP is increasingly investing in the chocolate section and year after year it’s earning a spot among the world’s unmissable events in the industry.

Surely in 2023 you can expect to find here the most prestigious chocolate companies, involving ingredients, technology and equipment.

Innovative Start-ups participating at SIGEP 2023

SIGEP works as a service platform to connect companies, investors and young entrepreneurs. As every year, there will be an entire Hall (Hall A7) dedicated to those start-ups that aim to bring relevant innovations in one of the industries of the fair.

This is a double-faced opportunity. From one of those start-up’s side, it’s a special chance to establish a network with investors and potential B2B clients. Possibly, setting up partnerships in order to develop and validate their concepts, or even export their solutions abroad.

From the companies’ side, it’s an opportunity to level up their business through new, effective, and disruptive solutions, anticipating the competition. 

This is the list of the 7 start-ups that have been selected to attend SIGEP 2023 in Hall A7.

  • Restaurants Club
    A platform that helps restaurants to earn awareness online, creating a loyal customer base.
  • Quaba
    A start-up that provides sustainable solutions of water coolers and filtration technology on the b2b market.
  • Ecopod
    Develops workable coffee packaging solutions using new fully compostable home materials.
  • Easylivery
    Aims to digitize the Food & Beverage sector, by providing the fastest solution to receive orders and payments from customers inside restaurants.
  • Lokky
    Insurtech dedicated to Small Businesses, Professionals and Freelancers. Aims to simplify and make insurances more accessible and customizable.
  • Lactosolution
    The first single-serving food supplement to digest lactose. More effective than the alternatives and specifically designed for the Ho.Re.Ca.
  • Qodeup
    The digital POS that allows customers to pay the bill in seconds by scanning a QR code.

Download the brochure of the event by clicking here!


At MODALiTA, our main participation goal at SIGEP 2023 is to sow our business environment, creating a fertile ground of networking across all our supply chain. This way we can share our know-how with our partners, and we can get inspired by them learning about the new trends and innovations.

We strive accordingly to keep selecting the very best equipment and machines for our clients, to fulfill their needs the best we can.

Whether you’re a visitor or another exhibitor, we’ll be excited to meet you at Rimini from 21st to 25th!

See you there!

SIGEP 2023 Rimini
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