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May 24, 2023

National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago: all you need to know about NRA 2023

Our MODALiTA team has just returned from NRA, the prestigious National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago where we had the privilege of attending alongside two of our esteemed partners: Moretti Forni and renowned chef Sabrina Mancin!

And as every year, it’s been a great success.

Best known as the NRA Show, it’s one of the largest, most prestigious trade shows in the US. Also, it surely stands as the largest yearly assembly of foodservice professionals in the Western Hemisphere.

This exceptional event takes place in McCormick Place, in Chicago, and unites a diverse range of individuals, ideas, products, solutions, and information. Renowned as the must-attend and premier event of the industry, it serves as the pinnacle gathering for professionals seeking unparalleled opportunities for growth and engagement.

As the name suggests, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) that hosts the event is a leading business association representing the restaurant and foodservice industry.

It’s probably the world’s most influential exhibition of foodservice innovation and inspiration. The National Restaurant Association Show serves in fact as the ideal platform where all trends, solutions, and categories find representation. This remarkable event fosters connections with individuals and products essential for thriving in the current business landscape.

This year the NRA took place from May 20 to May 23.

And during these days at MODALiTA we seized the opportunity to nurture our network of partners and spread innovation.

Modalita and Moretti Forni at NRA 2023

All you need to know about the NRA 2023

The event invites industry professionals from various backgrounds for an immersive and forward-thinking experience. Here the participants have the opportunity to explore and discover the complete spectrum of factors necessary to maintain revenue-driven success and unwavering relevance.

A number of actors all along the supply chain join the event every year, exactly as we did.

These may vary from tantalizing menu options that entice the senses to actionable solutions that optimize service efficiency, as well as streamline payment processes.

Through all of them, the attendees encounter a comprehensive range of essential resources  for navigating the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

Here’s some key information about the NRA Show:

Location and schedule

McCormick Place, where NRA takes place, is the largest convention center in North America, located in Chicago, Illinois. The event has multiple halls and hosts thousands of exhibitors and attendees.

The NRA Show typically spans four days, during which attendees can explore a vast exhibition floor. This year it opened on Saturday 20th, and closed on Tuesday 23th.

The hall featured a wide range of food and beverage products, equipment, technology solutions, and services. It also included educational sessions, culinary demonstrations, and various special events.


Among the event’s main activities what we found particularly valuable were the educational sessions, the demonstrations and the competitions.

Regarding educational sessions, the NRA Show 2023 offered as always a comprehensive lineup that included workshops, panel discussions, and keynote presentations. These cover a broad range of topics: industry trends, marketing strategies, culinary techniques, operational best practices, sustainability, and emerging technologies.

Also, renowned chefs and culinary experts conduct live cooking demonstrations. Through these they showcase their skills, share recipes, and highlight innovative culinary techniques.

These demonstrations always are a precious source of valuable insights and inspiration to all the foodservice professionals attending the show.

Last but not least, this year’s NRA Show hosted a bunch of special events and competitions.

Among them we surely must mention the World Culinary Showcase, where talented chefs competed and demonstrated their culinary prowess. There also were a number of networking events, awards ceremonies, and receptions throughout the duration of the show.


The NRA Show 2023 featured an astonishing number of exhibitors coming from the most various sectors of the foodservice industry.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase their offerings, launch new products, and engage with potential customers. Also, they can benefit from a wide spectrum of networking opportunities.

Here’s some data on this year’s exhibitors.

Participation data at NRA 2023

This year has been characterized by the impressive affluence of over 1800 exhibitors, spanning over 900 product categories. They represented all the 50 States and 112 countries.

NRA 2023 in a nutshell

Once again, the NRA Show in Chicago provided a platform for innovation, education, networking, and business growth within the ever-evolving foodservice landscape.

In addition to all the exciting changes and innovations at NRA 2023, one standout addition has been the introduction of the Beverage Room. This dynamic space brings forth fresh programs and speakers within the beverage industry. The pavilion is in fact a haven for beverage program buyers, offering a comprehensive showcase of top mixologists, high-quality ingredients, and an array of related goods and services.

Moreover, a whole new landscape of innovations and products have been brought in this year, including Moretti’s new cutting-edge customizable oven, the marvelous SerieS.

With chef Daniele Brenci leading the way, the opportunity to bake bread using the new oven has been incredibly thrilling, enabling us to share and sprinkle a touch of genuine Italian flavors to the attendees.

Daniele Brenci with Modalita

We truly believe that the SerieS pizza oven is a powerful innovation that will disrupt the US foodservice market.

If you’re interested in implementing it into your business, wait no more. Since we are Moretti’s official partners in the US, you just need to do a simple action.

Fill in our contact form and ask for a quote!

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