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June 14, 2023

Learn how to make a great pizza for your Restaurant at NYC’s Pizza Forum

How to make a great pizza for your restaurant? Or better: how to make a great pizza in the most profitable way for your restaurant? 

These are key topics that any ambitious pizza restaurant owner should always address. We’ve already covered a number of times the reasons why having an excellent product is crucial for any shop’s success in the long term.

Also, we always strive to stress out how essential it is to enhance a restaurant profitability by reducing costs without compromising on quality. And that’s the reason why we do not only work as simple equipment resellers. We put instead a huge effort in guiding our clients and partners along the path that leads towards the best choices, and therefore, success.

So, if you’re ready to take your pizza making skills to the next level, then get ready to mark a can’t-miss event on your calendar. Because at MODALiTA we’re just about to finish setting up our fresh new Pizza Forum on June 21st!

The event is going to take place in our MODALiTA Showroom in Brooklyn. Starting from 2pm, you’ll be able to seize the golden opportunity to tap into the wealth of advanced pizza baking knowledge shared by renowned experts in the pizza industry.

June’s Pizza Forum will be led in fact by the world’s leading brand of commercial pizza ovens, Moretti Forni. Thanks to our precious partners, their USA Corporate Chef Daniele Brenci will lead the event.

How to make a great pizza for your restaurant at Brooklyn's Pizza Forum

4 main reasons to join the Pizza Forum

1. Learn how to make an authentic Italian classic pizza

Chef Daniele Brenci will personally lead you through the essential techniques and closely guarded secrets behind crafting the quintessential Italian pizza.

Accurately selecting the perfect ingredients and mastering the delicate process of dough stretching is often what truly makes the difference between an average pizza and a unique one.

You will directly delve into the art of a top pizza chef. This way you’ll gain invaluable insights that are bound to revolutionize your pizza-making prowess.

2. Experience and discover the different styles of pizza

Pizza is an Italian delicacy that has earned a spot in the heart of people all over the world.

But to learn how to make a great pizza for your restaurant, you have first to decide what kind of pizza you want to offer.

For this reason, our Pizza Forum will be a gateway to exploring the vast world of pizza styles. Here you will immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Roman-style “pizza in pala,” experience the authenticity of Neapolitan pizza, and much more.

By attending the event, you’ll expand your culinary repertoire and gain insights into the unique characteristics of each style. Also, you’ll get to taste each of them!

Thanks to Chef Brenci’s expertise, you’ll get a handful of precious insights on how to recreate yourself these yummy treats.

3. Get introduced to the revolutionary Serie S and Serie T professional ovens

Another key part of the event will be the introduction of the new Moretti Forni’s cutting-edge technologies.

Chef Brenci will in fact perform a baking demo using SerieS and Serie T pizza ovens.

The brand’s motto is “Heat as an ingredient” for a reason: a superior temperature control is of utterly importance in pizza baking. A real “ingredient” that determines the overall quality of a pizza.

Thanks to the live demonstration, you’ll discover how to harness high-quality heat and optimize your baking process. 

Serie T and the recently introduced in the US Serie S are multipurpose masterpieces set to revolutionize the way you create all kinds of baking goods such as pizza, bread and pastries. The earlier you’ll get your hands on them, the earlier you’ll grant yourself a competitive advantage to your competitors!

4. Make your restaurant profitable by improving your equipment performances

During the Pizza Forum, you won’t be only learning the art of pizza making.

The Pizza Forum will also provide you with valuable knowledge on selecting the right equipment for your pizzeria or restaurant. Serie S and Serie T are surely great tools to make a superior quality pizza without sacrificing profitability. But there are many other top class commercial pizza ovens you may evaluate.

Moretti Forni prides itself on creating fast and easy-to-use equipment that enhances efficiency in your workspace. During the event, you will then discover the innovative equipment tools that fit best your restaurant’s needs.

These technologies will streamline your operations, enabling you to deliver better and faster.

RSVP for FREE now and learn how to better make and sell pizza at your restaurant

The Pizza Forum is sponsored by MODALiTA and Moretti Forni, and therefore it’s FREE of charge.

That means one thing.

It means that you definitely SHOULD NOT let this chance slip through your fingers!

The event will equip you with the arsenal of skills, techniques, and insider knowledge necessary to craft authentic Italian pizzas that will leave a lasting impression on the taste buds of your customers. Moreover, you’ll get precious money-saving tips to better choose and use your equipment. Also, you’ll discover the technological wonders of some new pizza ovens that are quickly changing the pizza making game.

With the revolutionary SerieS electric oven from Moretti Forni and the expert guidance of the top chef Daniele Brenci, you’ll embark on a transformative journey towards your restaurant’s success.

The appointment is on June 21st, from 2pm, at MODALiTA Showroom in Brooklyn, 65 19th St.

However, to ensure you the best possible experience, our showroom contains a very limited number of seats. Therefore we kindly request that you confirm your attendance and notify us in advance if you encounter any unforeseen issues that may prevent you from joining us.

RSVP now at this link before it gets too late and see you on June 21st!

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