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August 24, 2023

Pizza pairing with gelato: how to craft the perfect Italian food experience

A couple of weeks ago, as Italians, we were quite surprised to find out that almost no one on Google talks about pizza pairing with gelato.

Yet, pizza and gelato are surely two of the most beloved comfort foods on the planet. And more importantly, they are also two real edible symbols of the pervasive Italian culinary culture in the world.

As a consequence, pairing pizza with gelato seems to be just the natural progression. Your customers will love to get a sweet ending to their dinner and thus they will enjoy a perfect Italian dining experience.

Moreover it is not just a matter of taste and flavors (that still plays a big role in the overall experience). There is in fact another reason to pair these Italian delicacies together. And the reason is: pizza is a stomach filling, satisfactory, food. The dessert, despite its nutritional values, on the other hand plays a role in aiding digestion.

Gelato, ice cream and frozen desserts in particular delight your guests with their refreshing powers.

But aside from customer’s satisfaction, there also is another big reason for a pizza restaurant owner to include gelato in their menu. And that’s a business reason. Pairing pizza with gelato will help you indeed raise your AOV (Average Order Value), boosting your earnings for each customer.

You can also use gelato to lure customers into your pizzeria! 

For instance, by placing a luxury vintage food cart showcasing gelato in your restaurant outdoors, you’ll have one more powerful tool to attract customers inside.

Pizza and gelato pairing business contract

Our own best pizza pairings with gelato

Margherita with Fiordilatte

Pizza Margherita is the queen of all pizzas, worldwide famous for its flavorful simplicity, with its mozzarella, fresh basil and tomato sauce. Margherita pairs beautifully with a Fiordilatte gelato that reminds of childhood. Margherita and Fiordilatte are two classic flavors that are impossible not to like.

Pepperoni Pizza with Salted Caramel Gelato

The savory and slightly spicy flavors of pepperoni complement the rich and sweet salted caramel gelato. Pepperoni is probably the most beloved topping in the US, and creates a delicious balance of contrasting tastes with salted caramel.

Veggie Pizza with Lemon Sorbet

The medley of fresh vegetables on a veggie supreme pizza is brightened up by the zesty and tangy lemon sorbet. Their combination creates a refreshing and citrusy contrast to the savory and earthy toppings. A delicacy for vegans (but not only for them)!

Four Cheese Pizza with Fig Gelato

The creamy and cheesy goodness of a four cheese pizza is enhanced by the sweet and slightly tangy fig gelato. Fig jam and cheese are a killer combination typical from Italy. Together they create a perfect balance between savory and fruity elements, with a touch of inner elegance for the palate.

Mediterranean Pizza with Pistachio Gelato

Mediterranean flavors include olives, feta cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes. Their combination on a pizza is a punch of flavor that is elevated when paired with the creamy and nutty pistachio gelato. Pistachio adds in fact a touch of richness and texture that completes the dish in a highly satisfactory way.

Caprese Pizza with Balsamic Strawberry Gelato

The combination of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil is a classic tradition from Naples and its surroundings (more precisely, Capri). The resulting Caprese pizza is a perfect option to celebrate the best summer nights. This classic topping might be complemented by the tangy and slightly sweet balsamic strawberry gelato for a true refreshing and fruity conclusion.

Sausage and Mushroom Pizza with Hazelnut Gelato

The hearty and savory combination of sausage and mushrooms on pizza is beautifully complemented by the nutty and creamy hazelnut gelato. This combination recalls the mountain wildlife and the natural smell of the woods. When associated with hazelnut gelato, it creates a delightful pairing that brings together earthy and indulgent flavors.

Meat pizza with Mint Chocolate

For the meat lovers, there are a number of pizza toppings that might involve meat. Their flavors are usually strong and salty. For this reason, an excellent pairing might be with Mint Chocolate, a gelato flavor that grants an overall freshness to clean the mouth and pleases the palate with its herbal notes.

Hawaiian Pizza with Coconut G…

No, we’re kidding. Although many in the US love the combo of pineapple pizza + coconut gelato, as Italians we must say that Hawaiian pizza is just… WRONG!

The biggest mistake you might ever make!

Once you have mastered the art of pizza pairing with gelato and ice creams, you can unleash your fantasy.

Your guests will be the ones to decide their own pairings. But don’t forget you can guide them through the decision and suggest these combinations! This way you’ll ensure your customers an overall remarkable Italian dining experience.

But there is still a HUGE mistake you might commit. And this mistake is sacrificing the quality of one between your pizza and your gelato.

To make your pizzeria achieve success you will in fact need to grant special quality to all of the products you offer to your customers.

If you have a delectable pizza but a poor gelato, even your pizza will be undervalued. Vice versa, if you have a great gelato but your pizza is forgettable, why should anyone come back to your pizza restaurant?

So, to make your pizza unique, consider investing in a top class pizza oven that will give your pizzeria an outstanding competitive advantage towards your competitors.

And for your gelato, look for the very best gelato machines on the market here.

Your customers will be delighted to come back whenever they can, bringing their friends to try a delicious pairing of your pizza and your gelato.

At MODALiTA we’re here to help you in this mission.

Just reach out to us here and get our best quote!

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