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September 28, 2023

How to EFFECTIVELY get more customers for your ice cream shop?

“How to lure more customers in your ice cream shop”

“How to get customers in an ice cream business”

“Ways to attract customers to an ice cream shop”

These are just a few headlines among the tons you can find on Google around this topic. Obviously, to anyone who owns a food business, getting customers is a primary issue to address in order to grant their shop a living.

But we found out that most of the contents available online around the matter somehow fail to provide easy and actionable marketing tips to get the job done.

Here ad MODALiTA we have an obsession for two kinds of stuff:

  • Quality stuff 
  • Stuff that actually works

So, if your product is quality stuff, able to delight your customers with a punch of authentic sweet flavors, you’d certainly like to have some actual hints on how to market your delicacies.

That’s why in this blog post we’ll share with you some immediately actionable marketing tips to get a crowd right outside your shop window.

How to get customers for gelato and ice cream shop

7 marketing tips to get customers for your ice cream gelato shop

Marketing is a complex semi-predictive science that involves data analysis, psychology, and strategy. Nevertheless, here we list 7 actionable tips that you can immediately consider to start luring new customers into your shop.

Don’t forget to set up an overall strategy though! 

All the marketing actions you’ll take must be consistent with one another and work together towards your main goals.

Always keep in mind the bigger picture.

1) Schedule targeted events.

Planning events in your shop can be a fantastic way to attract new customers and their friends.

Consider hosting themed events such as ice cream tasting nights, contests, or partner with local musicians for live performances. When you schedule an event, always consider your target audience’s lifestyle and interests.

By creating a unique and engaging experience for them, you not only entice new customers but also provide an opportunity for them to share their experience with friends and acquaintances. Make them share related contents to make your brand resonate: ask them to post their pics on their social media profiles and tag your shop!

2) Let your loyal customers become brand ambassadors.

Amplifying referral and word of mouth is crucial for the growth of your ice cream shop.

Encourage your satisfied customers to spread the word by offering incentives such as loyalty rewards or referral discounts.

Additionally, you can implement a proper referral program where existing customers receive benefits for referring new customers. Be exclusive rather than inclusive: offer to your ambassadors rewards and benefits that only they can enjoy.

This approach leverages the power of personal recommendations, which are highly trusted and can significantly boost the number of customers coming through your doors. Keep in mind that a recommendation from a friend is 10 times more valuable and trustworthy than the best paid advertising!

3) Build your shop’s awareness in your area

First of all, start by creating a strong brand identity that reflects the unique qualities and values of your ice cream shop. Focus on your area. Building your shop’s awareness in your neighborhood is indeed essential for attracting a loyal customer base. 

In order to optimize this process, always use consistent branding elements across your media and touchpoints. Physical store, website, social media platforms: all of them must be aligned with your brand identity.

Also, engage with the local community by sponsoring local events, collaborating and setting co-marketing partnerships with neighboring businesses with similar audiences, or even organizing charity initiatives. These efforts will help establish your shop’s presence, increase brand recognition, and generate a positive reputation within your area.

4) Set up a digital marketing and ads strategy

Crafting and following a digital ads strategy is crucial in today’s competitive market. Once you have identified your target audience, select the most relevant digital platforms to reach them.

Utilize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Google Ads to create targeted campaigns that showcase your unique offerings, promotions, and events. Implement strategies like retargeting ads to re-engage potential customers who have shown interest in your shop.

These actions should include monitoring the performance of your ads, optimizing them based on key relevant metrics, and making data-driven decisions to continuously improve your digital advertising efforts.

Be careful not to focus your advertising strategy on the so-called vanity metrics, such as post likes and followers. Likes won’t cover your bills!

5) Take care of your outdoors.

Improving your shop’s outdoor area can make a significant difference in attracting more customers.

You could do that in several ways. For instance you may want to consider adding outdoor seating to provide a comfortable and inviting space for people to enjoy their ice cream. That would make your gelateria more appealing to the passersby, but would also make your actual customers stay longer in your shop, feeding their average spending.

You can also enhance the ambiance by incorporating appealing decor, such as vibrant umbrellas, cozy seating arrangements, and attractive lighting.

Last but not least, consider adding a luxury gelato cart or moving ice cream stations outdoors. These visually appealing carts and desks can create a captivating presence and draw attention to your shop, increasing curiosity and foot traffic.

And on top of that, you will have the chance to use them to bring your products into outdoor events, caterings or local festivals.

6) Offer (strategical) promotions and incentives to pay a visit to your shop

When implementing promotions, it’s crucial to strike a balance between enticing customers and maintaining the value of your products. Avoid undervaluing your ice cream by offering constant and excessive discounts. Instead, focus on well-thought-out and smart promotions that create a sense of excitement and exclusivity.

For instance, introduce limited-time flavors or collaborations with local artisanal food producers. Create special loyalty programs that reward frequent visitors with personalized offers or early access to new menu items.

By carefully crafting promotions that align with your target audience, brand’s identity and value proposition, you can attract new customers without compromising the perceived quality of your products.

7) Be present on the local media

Making good use of local media can significantly contribute to your ice cream shop’s visibility and reputation.

It takes time and it’s not effortless, but you have several media channels to test. You can try reaching out to local newspapers, magazines, and local bloggers. Also, you can set up partnerships with targeted local influencers who focus on food and lifestyle topics.

You can offer them a unique experience, such as an exclusive tasting session or behind-the-scenes tour of your shop.

They’ll share their experience through articles, blog posts, or social media content. From your side, you’ll be leveraging the influence of the local audience. This way you’ll earn valuable exposure, attracting new customers and building a positive reputation within your community.

Marketing amplifies your product’s quality, doesn’t replace it

No matter how skillfully you market your ice cream or gelato shop, if your product doesn’t meet the expectations of your customers, your marketing efforts will fall short.

It is crucial to understand that marketing amplifies your product’s quality. It doesn’t replace it, especially in the long term. Marketing acts as a catalyst, magnifying the inherent value of your product and ensuring it reaches the right audience. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on continuously improving the quality of your ice cream or gelato, as this forms the foundation of your shop’s success.

To begin with, invest in sourcing high-quality ingredients that align with your brand’s values and taste preferences. Secondly, invest in some upscale equipment to improve your overall results and optimize your profitability.

A great batch freezer will for instance enhance your production, and a top class display case will help you both save on costs and make your ice cream shine.

Marketing comes into play at the end, to showcase your quality to the world and make you get a crowd of delighted customers.

At MODALiTA we have founded our business on helping top quality shops and restaurants to thrive. That’s why we provide only the very best equipment to ice cream and gelato shops that offer superb, delicious products to their customers.

Our success is your success.

If you’re looking for advice from our experts, you just need to reach out to our team.

Fill out the contact form and get ready to leverage your ice cream business!

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