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March 18, 2024

The Best Trade Shows for Food Industry in the US in 2024

Which are the best Trade Shows for the food industry in the US that you absolutely cannot miss during 2024?

If you own a food business and you want to kick the competition, picking the right events to attend assumes a crucial importance.

A single, fruitful, Trade Show might in fact be able to focus your company’s work throughout the whole upcoming year. In just a couple of days, attending these events often offers you enough insights, sales and / or partnerships to drive all the following months.

At MODALiTA we’ve been attending and exhibiting these top Trade Shows for years. There we have met top-class professionals, discovered innovative pieces of equipment, built up collaboration with awesome brands. And yes, of course, we also have encountered a number of potential and existing customers.

As a matter of fact, one key lesson we learnt during these years is that every Trade Show is different. Some of them are better to sell products, others to get precious insights. Also, not all of them are equally suitable for the same purposes.

For instance, a super crowded Fair has several advantages, but also quite a lot of cons.

In this blog post we’ll therefore list the 10 best Trade Shows in the US food industry for the upcoming 2024. In particular we’ll be focusing on those located in or close to the US East Coast (with a few exceptions).

This choice is based on our personal experience.

NYC Top Trade Shows in 2024

The top 10 Trade Shows in the US food industry for 2024

For any of these events, we’ll briefly explain why you should attend them or not, based on your specific needs.

1) Fancy Food

Fancy Food is one of the most iconic industry meetups in the US, and probably, in the world. The Summer Edition takes place in the superb NYC’ Javits Center, while the Winter one is in Las Vegas.

Fancy Food gives you the opportunity to explore, taste, and uncover the latest innovations in specialty food and beverage.

Drawing in a multitude of diverse creators, buyers, brokers, distributors, and industry experts from both national and international spheres, this event promises three days filled with tantalizing product revelations. Literally. The two huge floors within the Javits Center host in fact thousands of booths with incredible food & beverage from any corner of the globe.

Moreover, it offers invaluable networking and boundless business prospects. Not to mention the unbelievable food you’ll have the chance to try during the event…

June 23-25, 2024

2) National Restaurant Association Show (NRA)

The National Restaurant Association Show stands as a pinnacle among global foodservice gatherings. Being one of the largest foodservice events in the world, it attracts professionals from every corner of the industry.

It’s held annually in the dynamic city of Chicago. This unmissable event serves as an unmatched hub for culinary innovation, business networking, and professional development.

With a wealth of resources, comprehensive information, and unparalleled connection opportunities, NRA is one of those events that every year MODALiTA really cannot miss.

May 18-21, 2024

3) International Restaurant & Foodservice Show

Another key Trade Show focused on foodservice is the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show. We dedicated a full post about the event here.

As the first major B2B event of the year on the East Coast, IRFSNY presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to uncover emerging trends, seize new opportunities, and forge lucrative partnerships.

Attendees gain exclusive access to the event’s comprehensive Educational Program, featuring a myriad of panels, discussions, and hands-on conferences held throughout the 3-day event in the Educational Alley. These sessions offer invaluable insights for enhancing business profitability.

Furthermore, this year’s edition introduces the Culinary Innovation Theater. There will be showcased practical and educational demos to inspire culinary creativity and innovation.

March 3-5, 2024

4) International Pizza Expo

If you’re part of the pizza industry, then the International Pizza Expo will be your best choice.

This Trade Show entirely dedicated to pizza, is a smaller, specialized, event focused on pizza ingredients, equipment and trends. Here you can connect with suppliers, discover new equipment and stay updated on the latest developments in the pizza business.

You can also boost your brand presence by taking part in the International Pizza Challenge or the World Pizza Games.

Additionally, explore workshops covering recipes, alternative ingredients, menu pricing strategies, delivery optimization, and much more.

March 19-21, 2024

5) NGA Supermarkets Grocery Nevada

The NGA Show is the Fair you must attend if your business is related to grocery and supermarkets. Despite it not taking place on the East Coast, at MODALiTA we can’t miss it since it’s unique in the industry.

Held in Las Vegas, it’s in fact the only Show that gathers grocery retail and wholesale professionals, along with industry executives, manufacturers, and suppliers. Whether you’re launching a new grocery venture or have decades of experience, this is the opportunity to be part of the largest industry gathering.

NGA includes 40+ sessions and workshops, and also 300+ exhibits to provide you insights into the latest trends and best practices within the food retail sector. These sessions cater to diverse levels of expertise. Therefore, everyone can benefit from them to boost profits and enhance operational efficiency.

March 10-12, 2024

6) American Food Innovate Summit

The American Food Innovate Summit takes place in Atlanta every year.

If you’re looking for innovation in the food industry, this is probably the best Trade Show for you. In fact, it attracts individuals keen on staying abreast of advancements in ingredients, technology, and processes. Attendees gain exclusive access to innovative case studies and leading-edge techniques.

Most importantly, this two-day summit emphasizes communication. That means they offer educational sessions covering a spectrum of topics, from the ethics of cultivated meat to current food trend policies. You also can engage in hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, and even showcase your expertise through presentations.

March 26-27, 2024

7) Bar & Restaurant Expo

The Bar & Restaurant Expo is a gathering meticulously crafted to address the distinctive challenges encountered within the hospitality industry. 

Held in Las Vegas, it presents pragmatic solutions and pioneering concepts to unlock previously untapped revenue streams.

Whether you’re a newcomer, an independent bar or restaurant owner, a part of a national chain or a member of a hospitality group, here you’ll be surrounded by over 13,000 industry leaders.

Here, seasoned experts and thriving entrepreneurs converge to share invaluable insights and strategies for maximizing profitability within the food and beverage sector. Moreover, cutting-edge solutions are unveiled and practical know-how is imparted.

March 18-20, 2024

8) Americas Food & Beverage Show

The Americas Food & Beverage Show is the largest trade event of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

It takes place annually in Miami’s World Trade Center, and it’s HUGE. Its focus lies on fostering trade between food and beverage companies across the Americas.

This exclusive B2B Expo also welcomes decision-makers and buyers from diverse industry sectors. With over 500-600 exhibitors, attendees discover new markets, products, and marketing trends. The Americas F&B Show is an industry-only event that attracts professionals seeking innovative products to enhance their offerings and impress clients. 

With 50% of attendees being decision-makers, the AF&B Show & Conference is an excellent occasion if you’re looking for forging valuable connections with customers, suppliers, and industry experts.

September 12-18, 2024

9) Sweet & Snacks Expo

The Sweets and Snacks Expo is a premier event tailored for businesses specializing in desserts and treats.

This global gathering taking place in Indianapolis serves as a platform for exhibitors to showcase their new products. However, it’s also the chance for attendees to explore new offerings from vendors worldwide.

It’s best known for its specialty market and featured product showcase. Also, the Expo unveils innovative treats on Startup Street, providing a glimpse into upcoming trends.

Beyond product displays, the event fosters networking opportunities among food industry professionals. Some of its highlights include the Awards Ceremony and the Buzz Networking Reception.

May 14-16, 2024

10) Dolce & Salato Fest

Dolce & Salato Fest is the smallest among all the 2024 Trade Shows in this list. Its first edition took place in November 2023 in our MODALiTA Showroom in Brooklyn and it was a huge success.

The event is in fact entirely dedicated to Italian food and its culinary traditions. Therefore, if you’re into the Italian food business, this will be a unique chance to gather with the top professionals in the industry.

Leading equipment brands, widely-renowned restaurateurs and chefs will in fact share the room to showcase their latest innovations, build partnerships, start new projects together and get new customers.

The Second Edition of D&S Fest will be larger, but still “intimate” enough to allow you getting in touch personally with all the professionals that will best fit your interest.

You’ll also attend a number of demos and show cooking regarding a wide number of Italian delicacies: gelato, pizza, pasta, chocolate, panettone, gnocchi, and much more.

More details here about the first edition!

November, 2024

Pick the Trade Shows in US that match best your food business for 2024!

The list above includes all the 10 top Trade Shows that according to us offer the best opportunities overall.

Each of them is broader or more specific, whereas others may be of your interest for the massive crowds. Or the opposite, if you prefer a more quiet event that allows you to better talk with other professionals.

Always remember to choose wisely to maximize the ROI of your investment in the Fair! And obviously, whatever will your choice be, check our website or social media to see if we’re attending the Show!

We’ll be happy to meet you to share ideas and discuss potential projects and collaborations.

In the meantime, just reach out and schedule a visit to our Brooklyn Showroom!

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