Gelato Shops

In this page, you will find listed all the outstanding gelato shops we’ve worked with before.

For these projects, we collaborated with a wide number of gelato shops to give their establishments a stylish look to appeal to customers.

Diving into the history of these business to learn more about them, we were able to provide them with the right products for their shops. From furnishing to displays, as well as counters and machines, we had a wide variety of products to supply.

We even provided carts to businesses that wanted to go beyond their fixed shops.

You can find more details on each project on their respective pages, as well as pictures of the finished products.

Novo Cucina
Dolce Brooklyn
Bellamia Ice Cream Shop
Botolino Gelato
Coney’s Cones
Shy Guy Gelato
Nutty Squirrel
Le District
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