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January 17, 2023

Learn how to make keto-friendly vegan gelato in our one-time-only training class

We are excited to announce our first gelato training class of 2023!

Differently from the already scheduled others, this training will be an exclusive, comprehensive class focused on keto-friendly vegan gelato.

During the latest years, the demand for vegan gelato has exponentially arisen. Due to the evolving needs of society, today the food industry is in fact facing the challenges of a public which is quickly adapting its consumer behaviors according to the environmental and ethical issues.

Learn how to make Vegan keto gelato

Vegan and keto-friendly gelato

To understand how big the vegan market is today, keep in mind that 10% of the population in the US is vegetarian. Likewise, among these a rough 5% is vegan.

For this reason, all the gelato shops must meet the requirements of a growing audience of customers with a vegan, environmentally and ethically conscious diet. Vegan gelato can surely be as delicious as the traditional one; besides, ignoring this cluster of population would be a pointless waste.

In our new one-time-only class, we also decided to include keto-friendly flavors to allow any gelato master with a long term vision to meet the trending demands.

Ketogenic one is a kind of gelato made with ingredients that are low in carbohydrates and high in fat. It doesn’t use any artificial ingredients, and takes all the fats from natural sources such as nuts and coconut oil. No preservatives, no sugar: only natural, low calories sweeteners that help the body burn fats instead of carbs.

Luca Musolesi for MODALiTA Brooklyn showroom

When and when?

The vegan keto-friendly training class will be held by the gelato international expert Luca Musolesi in our showroom in Brooklyn, on February 9.

Musolesi's gelato training class

Vegan Gelato Course Outline

In the first place, we’ll start the day with an intensive introduction to the world of modern vegan gelato, with everything about the ingredients and the formulation techniques.

Secondly, we’ll cover in detail how to make indulgent plant-based gelato and no added sugars, keto-friendly vegan gelato.

Also, we’ll show the formulation and production of 6 plant-based flavors and 2 keto-friendly plant-based flavors.

Vegan gelato and ketogenic ice cream

The program


  • What is vegan gelato and thus why it’s an opportunity
  • The ethical problem 
  • Sorbetto or vegan gelato? What is the difference?

Raw ingredients for vegan gelato

  • Plant based drinks and their use
  • Sugars and fibers
  • Fat sources
  • Flavoring ingredients

Vegan gelato formulation

  • Different approaches in the formulation of vegan gelato
  • Formulation parameters for vegan gelato
  • Formulation of vegan gelato recipes with different methods
  • How to create a vegan gelato menu

Vegan gelato formulation with no added sugars

  • No added sugars ingredients and requirements
  • Keto-friendly vegan gelato
  • Formulation of keto-friendly gelato

Finally: practical part and flavors

1. Pistachio

2. Coffee (with caramel and cocoa nibs)

3. Biscoff Lotus 

4. Oreo cookies 

5. Yuzu cheesecake with berries 

6. Dark chocolate 

7. Keto-friendly vegan: coconut vanilla

8. Keto-friendly vegan: salted peanut

Vegan keto-friendly gelato

Chef Luca Musolesi

Chef Luca Musolesi was born in Italy, in a place where quality food is not an option but a key cultural feature.

He started making his own gelato at home at the age of 12. Since then, he has kept developing his own recipes, refining the techniques and experimenting with flavors and ingredients.

During his physics studies at the university, he became a food science expert and he applied all his related knowledge to his recipes. He discovered how the process behind the formation of ice crystals in the clouds was similar to the one behind ice crystals in ice creams, and therefore he was able to further research and master the techniques.

Thanks to his attention to the health and environmental issues of the modern world, Luca deepened and focused on vegan and keto-friendly gelato.

Last but not least, today he’s the Founder of, and assists gelato makers sharing his know-how and vision all over the world.

Musolesi Vegan Keto Gelato Training Class

Luca Musolesi’s network is Luca Musolesi’s network of gelato professionals and business professionals, which aims to assist gelato newcomers as well as small and medium-sized gelato artisans and franchising.

The network basically works as an assistant in the creation of Italian gelato, ice cream, and also any sort of frozen desserts. In addition, they are specialized in vegan, dairy free gelato, and in the optimization of production processes.

During the years, through their Academy and network, they have helped tons of businesses all over Europe, Egypt, Israel, India, China, and many other asian countries. Thanks to, many frozen dessert brands have achieved both the highest quality standards and commercial success. Luca Musolesi

Sign-up to the vegan gelato class before it’s too late!

Attending a training held by Luca Musolesi in the US is a one-time unique event that you definitely should not miss.

In this class you’ll learn how to make an outstanding vegan and keto-friendly gelato to lure a special cluster of customers.

Furthermore, you’ll earn a deeper understanding of the gelato making processes and machines, thus saving money and raising your standards.

Contact us immediately to grab your seat in the class!

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