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December 20, 2022

Gelato Training Class

Learn how to make your gelato stand out from any other!

Our gelato training class by the chef Sabrina Mancin will teach you how to make superior Italian artisanal gelato.

Our comprehensive courses combine interactive theory and hands-on experience. You will learn the gelato basics from scratch, and then you will be able to create your unique kind of artisanal gelato to amuse your customers and make them wish to come back.

In addition, we provide a generous sprinkle of gelato shop business management to help your business bloom.

Gelato class training

What you’ll get with the class

Learn how to master the most refined gelato techniques

You’ll learn the very necessary theory behind making traditional Italian gelato, but in an interactive way. You’ll first master how to make the most classic gelato and sorbet flavors which are the basis for all others. Then you’ll learn how to make novelty flavors and trendy combinations to stand out from the competition. We will also practice the coolest decorating techniques to give your gelato an outstanding look.

Gelato training quality

Learn which are the best gelato machines and how to use them

In this course you’ll gain an understanding of the most performing gelato machines in the industry and how to choose the ones that best fit your needs. We will interact with them hands-on, and you will understand how to properly use them to combine ingredients, make mixes and take gelato out of them avoiding any unnecessary, complicated calculation.

Artisanal Gelato course

Last but not least: save money!

Whether you are currently running your own gelato shop or you are just willing to open a new one, you will get chef Mancin’s best money saving tips and useful advice, based on her experience as a gelato shop owner and consultant. You will even get to interact with other professionals in the industry and ask all the questions you might have, and share your experiences or concerns.

Chef Sabrina Mancin

Sabrina has been involved in the food industry for 14 years and has focused on gelato for the last 8. She’s an entrepreneur, a consultant and an instructor. She currently focuses on helping existing and upcoming gelato shops in both the creative and business side of their venture. Last but not least, she’s also a talented teacher who provides her know-how and experience-based advice.

Sabrina has lived and worked in Italy, Angola, Venezuela and the US. Her job has taken her to many places around the world where she successfully helped gelato shop and pastry owners open or expand their businesses. She also collaborates with two important companies in the gelato industry.

Chef gelato class Mancin

Our new courses in 2023 will be the most comprehensive, instructive and game-changing we have ever made.

Here’s the first scheduled dates, just after our first vegan keto-friendly class on February 9.

Gelato training class USA Modalita

Are you eager to run a successful gelato shop that sets you apart from any other? Then don’t waste this chance. Candidate yourself as soon as possible to our upcoming gelato training class to get your spot!

Contact us immediately to get any info you need.


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