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January 11, 2024

The best artisanal gelato in Brazil: the success story of a luxury gelato cart

As we always point out, a luxury gelato cart is an incredible strategic tool for your business development.

The old fashioned – and much abused – marketing claim that advocates “make your dream come true” resonates here quite better.

And that’s for a simple reason: a luxury gelato cart is a bridge that connects a great business idea with its execution. Even against all odds and bureaucracy. 

We have already told you the inspiring success story of Biancolatte in this previous blog post.

Today we’ll talk about another beautiful story of passion and vision. 

The story of the brazilian gelato chef Marcia Garbin, who has achieved success and earned several recognitions starting with a simple, yet wonderful, TeknéItalia gelato cart.

Marcia Garbin and her luxury gelato cart by Tekné Italia

Italy, France, the US and finally Brazil

Marcia Garbin is a young gelato master whose veins flow with a vibrant blend of Italian and Brazilian heritage. 

She lived in several countries, where she completed her educational journey.

Her first culinary step took place in Paris, where she pursued her passion for gastronomy at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu School. Graduating from this globally renowned institution, known as the worldwide leader in the fields of gastronomy, hospitality, and management, Marcia Garbin has acquired a solid foundation in the art of culinary excellence.

Afterwards, she focused her education on gelato in Florence, in Italy. There she studied in fact at the only ice cream college in the world. Also, she developed her skills as a gelato maker both in Italy and in the US.

In 2011 she finished her long training journey at the Carpigiani University.

Now she was finally ready to establish her mission: creating her own gelato business and making it unique!

But there was a very tough barrier to overcome in order to make this dream come true. Her goal was in fact setting up her business in her homeland, Brazil.

No dream is easy to realize, but…

Despite the exceptional technical skills she has acquired in Europe and the States, Marcia Garbin found herself stuck in a complicated situation.

Upon returning to São Paulo, she had to face a myriad of challenges in her quest. Opening her own gelato shop seemed to be an overwhelming marathon… Bureaucratic hurdles seemed to multiply at every turn, testing her patience and resolve. 

Additionally, finding the perfect location for her shop proved to be no small feat. Every potential spot she scouted presented its own set of drawbacks, proving to be unsuitable for her envisioned gelato haven.

But despite these setbacks, Marcia remained undeterred, determined to overcome the obstacles standing in her way and bring her dream to life.

That’s exactly when she had the brilliant idea to contact TeknéItalia.

The italian brand designed for her two wonderful luxury gelato carts. More precisely, two Procopio.

She thought: if her goal was to showcase and let people taste her unique gelato flavors, why not bringing them everywhere instead of opening a single shop?

It’s 2015 and her own moving Gelato Boutique was finally born.

The end of this story has yet to be written

In just a few years, Marcia Garbin’s moving Gelato Boutique became increasingly popular, granting her unpredicted success. She’s in fact been able to mix gelato with pastry, creating a bunch of delicacies that blend together the very best of both.

The TeknéItalia luxury gelato cart became a catalyst for Marcia’s journey, propelling her into the limelight and establishing her reputation in the world of gelato. Through its allure it finally garnered attention. The result? It led Marcia to realize her dream of opening not just one, but three successful gelato shops.

Today, she tirelessly caters gelato at various events, captivating the palates of attendees with her artisanal flavors and their esthetic appeal.

Her remarkable talent and unwavering dedication have earned her international acclaim, as she has been rightfully recognized as one of the world’s foremost gelato masters, adorned with numerous prestigious awards that solidify her place among the industry’s elite.

Today she’s also the President of the Gelato World Cup!

Nevertheless, she never ceased to showcase her creations with her Procopio. Her luxury gelato cart keeps captivating the attention of passersby, enticing them with its irresistible charm and luscious treats.

A story of a luxury cart… and a lot of passion

Because a luxury gelato cart serves as a catalyst for any entrepreneurial dream and ambition. It provides aspiring gelato artisans with a tangible platform to share their passion and skills without any boundary.

It eliminates the need for a permanent storefront. Also, it reduces the initial investment and allowing you to reach different locations and target diverse audiences. Moreover, in a world where red tape and bureaucratic hurdles can impede progress, a luxury gelato cart might represent the ideal solution.

Its mobility allows you to navigate through regulations and permits more efficiently. A real game changer to set a flexible and adaptable path to turning your dream into a reality.

If you have a great product and you wish to emulate a successful journey such as Marcia Garbin’s, you know what to do.

Since we are the official US partners of TeknéItalia, just contact us to get the best quote on the market!

We’ll quickly start designing your own custom luxury gelato cart.

Contact us now to drive your dream one step forward towards the success you deserve!

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