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May 31, 2023

The vintage gelato cart that conquered Melbourne: the glorious story of Biancolatte

This is not just the story of a beautiful, vintage gelato cart.

The beauty of the very best products often lies indeed in the stories hidden behind them. They’re not just random items to carry out business initiatives: they’re the key to achieve lifetime goals.

The greatest and most visionary products combine in fact flawless technicalities with a long term vision. What makes a regular, basic, old style food cart substantially different from a luxury, esthetically pleasant and carefully crafted vintage gelato cart?

The answer is quite obvious. While the first one is just a tool to move food around, the second one is a true shop on the move.

A shop that is able to attract and amuse customers, but also something that will make you proud of your work and that will give you the determination to struggle and get to the top.

This is exactly what happened to Andrea Di Fiore and Camille with their Biancolatte.

Biancolatte vintage gelato cart

A gelato journey from Italy to Melbourne

Andrea Di Fiore had just got his degree when he first met Camille, a young Erasmus student from Australia.

They spent all the time they had together in Italy, but eventually, it was time for Camille to return to her homeland.

Their story was just at the beginning though. In 2012, Andrea chose to leave his hometown in Italy to build a new life with his love Camille in Melbourne, Australia. Marriage wasn’t by the way their biggest plan and dream.

Inspired by the gelato memories of his youth in Italy, Andrea dreamed of creating the perfect, flavorsome gelato. The vision of Andrea and Camille was bright and clear in front of them: they would have made the best gelato in the whole Melbourne!

Determined to make a difference, they began to perfectionate their recipes. After discovering that the typical sugar-filled recipe masked the authenticity and natural flavors of the ingredients, they began experimenting with ways to reduce the amount of sugar in his gelato, allowing the ingredients’ true flavors to shine.

They kept working on it until they managed to craft the perfect balance. Pistacchio, chocolate, fruits, fresh jersey milk, fresh coffee: these were the tastes of home and their gelato was now able to honor each of them.

All they needed then was a way to build their business.

The problem was… opening a shop in Melbourne was incredibly expensive, and they simply didn’t have enough funds!

That’s when they got the brilliant idea that changed their life.

They invested all their precious savings into a top class luxury Tekné Italia’s vintage gelato cart, an astonishing Procopio P6.

By doing so, they were finally able to showcase their tasty creations and to sell them wherever they wanted.

Biancolatte was born.

A long, exciting way to the top

Of course, it hasn’t been an effortless, easy and smooth way to the top. As with every proper adventure, their journey has been long and tough.

Their very first attempt at selling gelato for instance didn’t go as planned. They tried to start selling at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, but with no connections or support, the two youngsters and their brand-new shiny cart were relegated and plonked in a puddle beside the toilet.

It took several months to find a better spot and to see the business moving forward.

But Andrea and Camille refused to give up on their dream.

Location after location, event by event, their fame started to grow. Corporate events, wedding caterings, private parties… In one year bringing their gelato flavors around Melbourne had finally become their core business.

Since then, they have been buying a bunch of new Teknè Italia’s gelato carts. And they use them to fulfill all their customers’ requests across the city.

Today Biancolatte has become a moving gelato empire, with a fleet of 10 different, marvelous vintage gelato carts to showcase and sell Andrea’s hometown’s flavors on the other side of the world.

And their happy ending story has still many chapters still awaiting to be written.

Teknè Italia’s luxury gelato cart might be the sorcerer’s wand for your business…

…if you have a great product and the proper mindset and vision.

The story of Andrea and Camille is a family story, a tale of hardship and perseverance. Andrea’s belief that the best gelato is simple, authentic, and true to its roots is a testament to his passion and determination.

Thanks to that attitude and to that first, visionary purchase, Andrea and Camilla changed their life. Nine years later, now they have ten vintage gelato carts, a cannoli cart, and a boutique gelateria in Elwood. People flock from all over Melbourne to try his unique gelato. They know it’s made with the freshest and most natural ingredients, and with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

We strongly believe that success is behind the corner. But only if you really strive for quality and you’re determined to do things the best way you’re able to.

Here at MODALITA, we strive to help you achieve your business goals through the finest quality products available on the market.

That’s why we became the official Tekné Italia’s partner in the US and we have already helped a ton of businesses to corner the market.

We’re here for you as well!

Just fill in the contact form to reach out to us for a quote or some precious advice!

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