1. General Details

    The display case makes a curtsy inviting you to taste what it contains

    The Panorama® Pans technology finds its aesthetic application in the Allure gelato display case that brings with it the features of the entire Panorama® cluster, adding a new original display top with an 8° angle.

    Allure is available in 3 lenghts: L 53.43” (6 pans 14.17 x 6.50”) – L 75.67” (9 pans 14.17 x 6.50”) – L 97.91” (12 pans 14.17 x 6.50”).
    In Allure (L. 75.67” – L. 97.91”) you can decide a different temperature based on the product to be preserved, and thanks to the ventilated refrigeration, all the varieties of flavours are perfectly spoonable.

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