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April 24, 2024

Pizza Forum 2024: the best Pizza Equipment and Know-How in New York City

This second edition of the Pizza Forum has just ended, and we’re still excited. Once again, we managed to bring the best pizza equipment and know-how to New York City.

The Pizza Forum is in fact for us the occasion to gather a number of pizza chefs, professionals, restaurant owners and entrepreneurs under the same roof to discuss and learn everything about the world’s most beloved dish.

Whereas once the average pizza in the US was far from being recognized for its questioning quality, today things appear to be quite different. People’s taste is steadily evolving, thus becoming more demanding and sophisticated. Consequently, pizza makers need to further develop their baking skills and know-how.

Making a great pizza is no joke at all nowadays!

Today the level is quickly rising, and better equipment, ingredients and techniques are indeed needed. That’s why sharing knowledge and improving their own offerings is key to any aspiring pizza restaurant. 

Therefore, MODALiTA and Moretti Forni have crafted together the Pizza Forum with the common goal to nurture the pizza business in NYC (and beyond) and pursue a better environment for the whole industry. 

Pizza forum 2024 in Modalita Showroom, best pizza equipment supplier in the US

A whole day dedicated to learn how to use the best Pizza Equipment in New York City

This year’s Pizza Forum took place in our MODALiTA Showroom in Brooklyn on Monday 22 and it was a success.

With the support of our long-term partners from Moretti Forni, we were able to create the perfect setting for learning new techniques and best practices in pizza baking. Throughout the day, the attendees enjoyed numerous live cooking demos showcasing the use of some of the market’s top pizza ovens, including Serie S and the incredible Neapolis.

In particular, we have to say a huge thank you to the Chef Marco Fuso, who shared his huge expertise on baking pizza with all of us.

Chef Marco Fuso at Pizza Forum 2024 Modalita

Here’s a recap of why the Pizza Forum was a must-attend event for NYC pizza professionals.

1. It showcased the Power of High-Quality Heat

Attendees had the chance to explore and learn how to use high-quality heat. The demos featured market-leading, masterpiece pizza ovens like the SerieS, Neapolis, and SerieT.

From achieving the perfect crust to mastering consistent baking, this session provided invaluable insights for enhancing pizza quality.

Neapolis best commercial pizza oven in New York

2. The art of authentic Italian artisan Pizza unfolded

Led by renowned Chef Ambassador Marco Fuso, participants dove into the secrets of crafting authentic Italian artisan pizza. From dough preparation to topping combinations, the Chef shared indeed techniques and tips that transform pizza-making to an art form.

Professional pizza making in New York Pizza Forum 2024

3. We explored diverse Pizza Styles

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to taste and study a variety of pizza styles. From classic Roman-style “pizza in pala” to the innovative “high crust” trend, Chef Marco Fuso explained the differences in making each of them.

Then, attendees savored unique flavors and gained inspiration for their own pizza creations.

Pizza Forum 2024 in New York Modalita showroom best supplier

4. A dive into streamlining operations with Equipment

In addition to mastering the top culinary pizza techniques, participants learned how to streamline their operations with the equipment. From prep to service, efficient equipment can in fact make a significant difference in any pizzeria’s workflow and profitability.

Top professional pizza supplies in US

Did you miss this edition of the Pizza Forum in New York City?

If you’re a pizza professional in the US and you have been unlucky enough to miss this incredible event, don’t worry.

Because Pizza Forum is coming again next year!

In the meantime, there are a couple of things you can do. The first one is leaving us your contact to be informed when the next Edition is scheduled.

The second one is reaching out to us to schedule a visit to our showroom anytime and ask for a demo of one of our top pizza ovens or related equipment.

See you there!

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