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    DELTA is a cutting-edge ventilated food display from the renowned Italian brand Columbia.

    Crafted with precision and innovation, this display cabinet seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. This winning combo aims to elevate your food presentation to new heights.

    Its design aspires to offer to this display case and its users an optimal technical performance. DELTA features in fact a front straight pull-down panel and a sleek glass top, thus creating an inviting showcase for both fresh and prepacked food items. The ventilated cabinet also ensures consistent airflow. Therefore, it manages to preserve the freshness of your culinary delights while enticing customers with a clear and unobstructed view.



    Versatility is at the core of DELTA’s design. Firstly, it can be effortlessly multiplexed to the semivertical model VICTOR, allowing for a dynamic and cohesive display solution. Secondly, it comes with different available lengths. This gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect size that complements your space and culinary offerings.



    What also sets DELTA apart is not just its functional prowess but also its commitment to customization. The display is a canvas for your creative vision, offering a wide range of aesthetic and constructive customization possibilities. Tailor it to seamlessly integrate with your brand identity, creating a unique and memorable visual experience for your customers.


    DELTA display case is a Made in Italy quality warranty

    Columbia understands that every establishment is unique, and DELTA reflects this ethos by providing a platform for personalization. You can choose from a variety of finishes, materials, and design elements to match your décor and branding, ensuring that the DELTA ventilated display becomes an extension of your culinary identity.

    In conclusion, the DELTA by Columbia Refrigeration is more than just a food display; it’s a statement of sophistication and functionality. Elevate your culinary presentation, captivate your audience, and unleash the full potential of your food offerings with the DELTA horizontal display case – where innovation meets customization in a harmonious blend of Italian craftsmanship. Choose the DELTA, and let your food take center stage in style.

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