1. General Details

    G200 | Ice Cream Machine


    BRAVO‘s G200 High Overrun Batch Freezer is an upscale machine for your delicious ice cream.

    Are you ready to take your ice cream, sorbet, or Italian ice creations to the next level? Look no further than the BRAVO G200 High Overrun Batch Freezer. Packed with features and designed for optimal performance, this freezer will revolutionize your dessert-making process.

    Unleash your creativity with the G200’s 28-quart (27-liter) freezing cylinder, allowing you to serve delicious homemade treats with high overrun. Whether you’re a professional or a passionate home chef, this batch freezer is built to meet your needs.


    Effortless Mix Loading:

    The G200 features a convenient mix loading system that streamlines the process. Simply pour your mix into the freezing cylinder through the hopper-mounted funnel. The upper funnel ensures fast and efficient loading, while the front hopper lets you add additional ingredients. The Mdkrolon front door, made from a special thermal insulating material, keeps the perfect temperature inside.


    Automatic Temperature Control:

    Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision. The G200’s advanced thermoregulators with “sensible touch” displays enable automatic temperature control. Once your desired temperature is reached, the refrigeration system automatically shuts off. Plus, a helpful buzzer sounds to remind you to eject the finished product, ensuring impeccable consistency every time.


    Adjustable Shelf:

    With four positions for filling containers of various sizes, the G200 offers unparalleled versatility. Whether you’re filling large tubs or small cups, you can easily adapt the freezer to suit your needs.



    To power the G200, a dedicated electrical connection is required. Please refer to the Electrical chart for specific requirements. Rest assured, this batch freezer is designed for permanent connection, guaranteeing seamless operation.


    Air Cooled Model:

    For optimal performance, ensure a minimum clearance of 8″ (203 mm) on both sides of the unit. Also, the backside of the machine should lean against a wall. Last but not least, adequate air flow is crucial, so meet the minimum air clearances to achieve exceptional results.


    Water Cooled Model:

    The water cooled model of the G200 requires a water inlet and outlet. Unlike the air cooled model, there is no minimum clearance requirement, providing more flexibility in installation.


    Get now your hands on G200 ice cream Batch Freezer and unlock a world of frozen delights.


    Elevate your dessert game, impress your customers, and indulge in the finest homemade treats with this outstanding freezer. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence – choose BRAVO for unmatched quality and efficiency in dessert-making equipment.



    Key specs

    – 28 quart barrel
    – Ice Cream in less than 10 minutes
    – 100% overrun
    – Italian Ice in 17 minutes
    – Top funnel for easy load
    – Works by temperature
    – Single phase
    – Air or water cooled
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