G20 Batch Freezer

  1. General Details

    BRAVO G20 – Gelmatic Batch Freezer for gelato and ice cream


    BRAVO G20 is an advanced batch freezer for gelato and ice cream production ideal for restaurants and coffee shops.


    Why choose the BRAVO G20?

    1. Compact Design for Any Space.
      The G20 is a single-phase, air-cooled machine with a sleek and compact design. It can also seamlessly fit into any corner of your establishment, optimizing your available space.
    2. Italian Craftsmanship.
      Crafted with precision and care, the G20 is indeed a testament to the renowned Italian manufacturing and production standards. Moreover, it embodies the essence of quality, thus ensuring a premium product for your business.
    3. Tailored Expertise.
      Incorporating a gelato batch freezer into any kind of shop or restaurant requires careful planning. That’s why our team is officially authorized by BRAVO to tailor any customer’s expertise and support every step of the way. Whether you need guidance on optimal placement or assistance with G20, our specialists are just a call away.


    BRAVO G20 Key Features

    1. Rapid Batch Production.
      The BRAVO G20 is engineered for the production of gelato or ice cream batches in record time, thus enhancing your operational efficiency.
    2. User-Friendly Interface.
      With its intuitive design, the machine is exceptionally user-friendly. Also, it guarantees a hassle-free experience for operators.
    3. Space-Efficient Design.
      The G20’s compact size occupies only 0.25 square meters of space. Consequently, it can seamlessly integrate into your establishment without consuming excessive floor space.
    4. Precise Temperature Control.
      The machine features electronic control of the working cycle, thus maintaining precise temperatures for consistent product quality.
    5. Direct Temperature Detection.
      You can achieve flawless temperature monitoring through a probe in direct contact with the mix. This therefore guarantees accurate temperature management.
    6. Effortless Maintenance.
      Keeping the G20 in optimal condition is a breeze thanks to its practical and easy-to-clean design. Gelmatic is in fact the result of a long innovation process that aims to make your job easier.


    Revolutionize your dessert business with the BRAVO G20 Batch Freezer.

    Contact us today to discuss how this exceptional machine can transform your gelato and ice cream production!

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