1. General Details

    Trittico Executive Evo, by the Italian leading brand BRAVO, is not just some average ice cream and gelato equipment.

    It is the ultimate multi-functional machine that combines artisan tradition with cutting-edge technology. With Trittico Evo, you can have the production laboratory of your dreams in less than 1 square meter!

    Trittico Executive Evo is a top-of-the-range multi-functional machine that allows you to create a wide range of delicacies. Artisan gelato, pastry, savory food, temper chocolate, but also sorbetto, semifreddoes, bechamel, mousselin cream, bavaroise, slush ice, custard, and much more. All in one machine! Consequently, this outstanding piece of equipment is perfect for small businesses looking to streamline their production processes. It’s the ultimate solution to create high-quality products with ease.


    Features that makes it unique

    Its features make it unique in the sector. This top range gelato equipment is in fact provided with an electronic brain that automatically arranges multiple series programs and customizable programs. This therefore guarantees maximum flexibility to adapt to the specific necessities of each artisan chef. This essential helper is precise, reliable, tireless, and constant, making it the perfect addition to your team.

    One of the most significant advantages of the Trittico Gelato Equipment is its patented Ionic System® Control. With a speed variator, it detects the right percentage of frozen water in the mixture to obtain the perfect gelato or sorbet consistency and volume. It also features a double inverter for the upper tank stirrer and batch-freezer mixer with multiple speeds. Moreover, it offers programmable / customizable programs, including a specific program for small amounts of production.

    This gelato equipment is incredibly versatile and can be used to create a variety of recipes, including gelato, pastry, and chocolate ones. With the possibility to work with the Ionic System®, you can achieve maximum overrun for gelato or sorbet and the accurate speed mixing for pastry products. You can also work by setting the time or extraction temperature, making this machine incredibly easy to use.

    Investing in the Trittico Gelato Equipment means investing in the highest quality gelato equipment available. With its state-of-the-art technology and versatility, you can take undoubtdely your production processes to the next level. Start now creating unforgettable products that your customers will love.


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