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    Amalfi – The best electric pizza oven in terms of heating stability


    Amalfi is a professional modular oven specific for direct baking, with an exceptional temperature stability. Needless to say, it is the best pizza electric oven in terms of heating stability.

    That depends on the baking chamber, entirely made of refractory bricks. As a consequence, it represents the ideal tool for perfect baking of traditional pizza.
    But the distinctive feature of Amalfi is its exclusive technology of heating elements, separately inserted inside the refractory stone both for ceiling and floor. That contributes to optimal heat distribution, even with frequent door opening.


    Amalfi is the best electric pizza oven in terms of heating technology, but what does that mean?

    Basically, it means two things.

    First one is superior quality of the final product.

    When the best is not enough here comes Amalfi. Craftmade, the leading brand on the market Moretti Forni produced each Amalfi as a unique piece and with the best components. The deck is entirely built in refractory brick. The heating elements inside the stone allow an uncomparable temperature maintenance and a worldwide appreciated quality of baking. Consequently, the outcome of a stable electric oven is a perfectly baked pizza able to satisfy the most refined palates.


    Second is the amount of pizzas you will be able to bake.

    With Amalfi, you can choose among 4 dimensions of baking chamber (A, B, C, D) to meet every production need at best. For example, Amalfi D can bake simultaneously up to 12 pizzas (Ø30cm), with a production of 180 pizzas per hour or 135 family pizzas (Ø35cm) and 32 trays (60x40cm) per hour.

    Together with Amalfi, also P60E, P80E, P120E come in 5 different sizes. They are available with or without steam generator and, on demand, the front side of the hood can be completely in stainless steel. Moreover, you have the possibility of asking for a deck with a higher internal clearance suitable for baking particular products. It is also possible to choose among a wide list of accessories to customize the oven according to the various needs.


    An innovative technology, a piece of design.

    As we already mentioned, Amalfi is a super stable electric oven, but its technology and design are also of primary relevance.

    Every serieP deck comes with the exclusive Moretti System Control electronic board. Therefore, split setting of heat for the ceiling and the bottom, switch on timer, economy function and cooking programs.

    Heavy-duty doors insulated with high density fiber characterizes the whole serieP range. Also replacing the glass from outside the oven is very easy. Moreover, a special black dashboard decorates all the serieP models, giving the oven a nice and unalterable design. And that comes together with very high hygiene standards.


    As a consequence, Amalfi is not only the best electric pizza oven. Instead, it`s also a great piece of design to enlighten your restaurant.

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