Moretti Forni

Moretti Forni, the leading company in the production of deck ovens for pizza, pastry, bakery, and long leavenedMoretti Forni is acknowledged to be the leading Company in the field of static baking, and is known worldwide as “The SmartBaking Company®”.


The company has been operating in the market for over 70 years. Today, is the world’s leader in the production of deck ovens for pizza, pastry, bakery, and long leavened. It is also the reference brand for convection, conveyor, and both gas and electric ovens.


Heat as an ingredient

Moretti Forni has evolved the concept of “heat” as a real ingredient that must necessarily be of the best quality in order to achieve the perfect result.

Thus, “heat is an ingredient®” becomes the corporate claim. That has completely changed the way of thinking at the baking process to create made in Italy products. The baking phase is not the final step of a recipe anymore, but it becomes the element defining both the whole process and the success of the preparation.


Making the baking experience perfect is the mission of Moretti Forni. The company is at the forefront in everything it undertakes, from product design to technical and scientific innovation. And therefore, to respect for the environment. Investing in research and human resources is a key to reach superior outcomes.

All solutions proposed by Moretti Forni ensure high safety to the operator, energy savings and efficiency. Obviously, with the constant of baking perfection for all ovens: a wide range of products to guarantee the customer the right solution to their needs.

Today the market is increasingly requiring advanced skills in the baking field. That’s why Moretti Forni becomes #CotturaFutura for the research of heat evolution, whereby professionals and technologies draw a path towards the future of baking.


Moretti Forni provides all the necessary tools. From financial services to interior design, from aftersales service guaranteed all over the world to training. MorettiLAB Learn And Bake is the first academy in the world specifically focused on baking.

The company thus becomes a SmartBaking® Solution Provider with optimal solutions for all customer needs.

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