1. General Details

    Panorama® widens its horizons adding the Pans version to the original Tubs edition, without changing its plus:

    Only 70 cm deep, it fits into any available counter or surface. Space and dimensions reduced to a minimum.

    From one to infinite. Panorama® is made up of modules and starting from one, it arrives at a potentially infinite row.

    The transparency of the glass has freed the gelato in the display, combining the emotion of colour with the highest preservation standards. The LED lighting exalts the natural colours of the gelato even more.

    Gelato, cream, granita, mousse… each at its own temperature. For each Panorama® module you can decide a different temperature based on the product to be preserved, and thanks to the ventilated refrigeration, all the varieties of flavours are perfectly spoonable.

    Energy & Food preservation
    The pyrolitic and tempered glass doors hermetically close the display thanks to HCS, the closure system IFI has designed to guarantee the best gelato preservation, hygiene and energy saving with less impact on the environment and on cost management. Electrical heating paths run along the glass doors in order to avoid condensation.

    The contained depth of 70cm allows keeping the correct posture while serving, and the glass doors, controlled by servo-assisted hinges that ensure a soft landing, can be closed with just a touch of a hand.

    The ease of removing and putting all the parts of the module back into place facilitates cleaning the refrigerated tank and all the components, each one washable by hand or in a dishwasher. Hygiene is guaranteed also by the glass doors which -when open- form a protective barrier between the customer and the gelato.

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