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    Design: Jacco Bregonje

    A rejection of the ‘rational square boxes’ that dominated furniture design before the advent of Charles and Ray Eames and Verner Panton, the Divina armchair uses soft, sculptural contours to mimic the reposing form of the human body. The furniture provides a simple ‘tabletop’ for the portable technology that now seems to follow us everywhere. Just as the spaces inside our homes may have become less defined, as workspace often morphs into leisure space, the design of the Divina -fluid in form and function- is intended to accommodate both the passive and active behaviour of its users.

    Joseph Rosa
    (curator of Architecture and Design SFMOMA)

    Museum Collection
    SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts)
    Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
    ADAM (Brussels Design Museum)

    ‘New Dutch Design Classic’ Yksi/Vitra 2004

    The Divina is available in various versions:

    Moulded polyurethane foam with an internal metal structure which can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics and leathers (not removable). The armrest can be loaded up to a weight of 30 kg.
    A special designed rotating base gives the comfort to turn 360 degrees.

    PET and KID
    100% polyethylene (LDPE) made through a rotation moulding process. Recyclable, sustainable, thermal shock resistant and UV stabilized.
    Suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor use. Available in our standard palette of 10 colours. Other colours on request.

    100% polyethylene (LDPE) with a unique lacquer layer. Available on request from a selection of RAL colours.

    100% polyethylene (LDPE) with an exclusive metalized layer. Available in Gold, Silver, and Gunmetal.

    Ecopixel®, composed of 100% recycled polyethylene (LDPE) that is assuring sustainability at all levels. Ecopixel® is recycled material and can be customized to a mix based on real-time material availability which makes every chair unique.

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