Felicerossi, founded in 1922, is internationally recognized as an interpreter of design in its purest form in furnishing.

The aesthetics of Felicerossi furnishing combines, for instance, social relevance, usability, environmental sustainability. However, they also focus on ergonomics, innovation and simplicity of construction.

Moreover, its products carry a broader meaning, following the theme of design for the future without forgetting the past.

The Felicerossi collection received several awards. It is also part of exhibits in museums. These include, most importantly: the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In addition, other mentions include: the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Germany and The Triennale in Milan.

In this page, we have a wide listing of luxury furnishing products by the brand. Ranging from tables, chairs and sofas, their products will give your business the perfect modern look.

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