1. General Details

    Panorama America gelato showcase is the newest addition to IFI‘s Panorama Cluster family.

    It’s a top-notch, free-standing refrigeration unit designed for the ice cream market.

    This practical gelato showcase combines perfect gelato preservation in pozzetto counters and enhances flavor visibility in the display cases. Additionally, it offers new ideas and opportunities for presenting and serving authentic artisan gelato.

    IFI designed Panorama America to hold two rows of gelato containers calibrated to the gallon unit of measure. The refrigeration system enhances to reach an operating temperature of -24°C, ensuring excellent gelato preservation and visibility.

    Every element of America is a careful design that offers a superior finish and maximum attention to detail. It features Panorama® technology with tubs calibrated for gallons, an on-board or remote condensing unit, and is available in both free-standing and built-in versions. The double glazed doors have hermetic and power-assisted closure. Meanwhile, the structure perfectly integrates four wheels.

    The free-standing version tilts the display surface by 9 degrees, and there also is a possibility for 1 or 2 operating temperatures. Last but not least, the LED lighting between the front panel and plinth provides an attractive display that highlights the flavor, appeal, and properties of the food.

    If you’re looking for a gelato showcase that combines function and design, Panorama America is the perfect choice.

    MODALITA is the authorized partner in North America. Reach out for a quote!

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