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    Allure, the display case that makes a curtsy inviting you to taste its delicacies.


    IFI‘s Allure Gelato Display Case, it’s a jewel made of elegance that meets functionality. It’s an inviting display case that undoubtedly beckons you to indulge.

    Featuring the innovative Panorama® Pans technology, Allure showcases the best of the Panorama® cluster. In fact, it boasts a unique display top with an 8° angle, also adding a touch of originality.

    Moreover, you can choose from three lengths, according to your shop’s needs.

    • 6 pans 14.17 x 6.50”) | L 53.43″
    • 9 pans 14.17 x 6.50”) | L 75.67”
    • 12 pans 14.17 x 6.50”) | L 97.91”

    In the Allure (L. 75.67” – L. 97.91”) display case models, you have the freedom to set different temperatures to preserve each product perfectly. Thanks to the ventilated refrigeration system, all flavors remain at their optimum condition. Ifi’s refrigeration technology indeed surpasses industry standards with rigorous testing. Allure ant the other ice cream display cases of the brand endure temperatures up to 35°C and 60% relative humidity during the design and testing phase. This ensures exceptional performance, even in the most demanding conditions of heat and humidity.As another consequence of that, every delectable flavor remains perfectly spoonable.

    Last but not least, Allure is a unique piece of equipment for ice cream and any other frozen dessert shop. And that is because if unites the upscale, vintage elegance of a classic Pozzetti with the spectacular showcasing power of a visual display case. In other words, it grants perfect preservation without compromising on being visually appealing for your customers!

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