Anticovid-19 Ready

We have been through a very tough time this year, but finally it seems that the reopening of our cities is around the corner. It will be of course a gradul process, but very soon we should all be ready to roll up our sleeves and prepare ourselves for new processes, and new ways to provide our services.

If you are a restaurant owner or work at a bakery or a bar, but also if you run or work in an office, the last 3 months have been very challenging. Closure of public spaces, remote working, food deliveries that didn’t really helped the Hospitality Industry have suddenly become part of our daily lives that had to be completely redesigned by all of us. Even though there have been many initiatives created to support local business and some financial help by the Government, we bet that, like us, you really want to get back to work. And we want to be at your side and help during this reopening phase.


Are you familiar with the story of the Hugging Tree? It’s the story of “a little tree growing all alone on a cliff, by a vast and mighty sea. Through thundering storms and the cold of winter, the tree holds fast. Sustained by the natural world and the kindness and compassion of one little boy, […]

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