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May 24, 2024

Why should you use the Hot Process to make Gelato for your shop?

What is the hot process and how could it affect your professional gelato making?

Whether you already are a gelato business owner or an inspiring entrepreneur in the exciting world of frozen dessert, these are questions you definitely need to address.

Deeply understanding the various processes involved in gelato making is indeed crucial. From them the quality of your product might arise or sink, consequently granting the same destiny to your overall shop’s success.

At MODALiTA we are Italians, and since the beginning of our journey in this business we have vowed to always promote and defend our homeland food’s iconic quality. For this reason, we strongly believe that one gelato making process stands out for its numerous benefits and superior outcomes. And of course, we are talking about the hot process

In this guide, we delve into the pros and advantages of the hot process in gelato making, highlighting why it’s the preferred method for achieving exceptional gelato quality.

Hot process in professional gelato making for a shop

Understanding Gelato Making Processes

Before diving into the benefits of the hot process, let’s briefly explore the different employable methods in gelato production. Each of them yields varying outcomes in terms of flavor, texture, and overall quality.

Cold Process to make Gelato quickly

Some gelato makers opt for cold processes, which involve freezing and blending ingredients. While this method may be suitable for producing gelato quickly, it often results in lower quality. At its worst, it often involves the use of speedy powders rather than fresh ingredients.

However, we don’t want to blindly demonize it. The cold process can in fact be optimal for those businesses that offer various treats. If for instance you are running a pizza restaurant, gelato won’t be your core business, and you’ll need a quicker way to churn it when necessary. In this case the cold process might be a good fit for you.

An excellent cold process machine is BRAVO’s G20.

G20 BRAVO Gelato Machine

Hot Process to make Gelato better

The hot process features pasteurization, and stands out as the gold standard in gelato making. This thermal process involves heating the mix up to 185°F and then cooling it to around 40°F. The result is a perfect blend of gelato’s molecules and the elimination of any potential pathogenic bacteria.

Also, another kind of hot process is the one that uses thermal shock processes. They are typically made by all-in-one gelato machines and they grant an easier yet still excellent quality final product.

Again, BRAVO is the industry leader in providing excellence. Indeed BRAVO’s Trittico is the perfect example of a top-notch Gelato Machine able to use the hot process to make an outstanding result.

bravo Trittico gelato machine

The main Benefits of the Hot Process in Gelato Making

Now, let’s delve into the specific advantages that the hot process, that involves pasteurization, has to offer. There are in fact at least 5 important pros you might rely on, when using this gelato making method.

1) Deep Pathogen Elimination

Firstly, heating the gelato mix to high temperatures effectively destroys any harmful bacteria present. This crucial step ensures the safety and hygiene of the gelato, thus safeguarding consumers against any potential health risks.

2) Optimal Molecular Blend

The thermal shock induced by the hot process facilitates the ideal blending of gelato’s molecules. This always results in a smoother, creamier texture that is therefore capable of enhancing the overall mouthfeel of the gelato.

3) Enhanced Flavor Development

By subjecting the ingredients to controlled heat during pasteurization, the hot process unlocks the full potential of flavors. This allows for greater depth and complexity in taste, ensuring a truly indulgent gelato experience for customers.

4) Extended Shelf Life

Pasteurization not only ensures safety but also extends the shelf life of gelato. By eliminating harmful bacteria, the hot process helps preserve the freshness and quality of the product for a longer duration. Storing gelato overnight won’t be an issue if you use the hot process to make it.

5) Consistent Quality

The hot process offers greater consistency in gelato production. By following precise temperature and time parameters during pasteurization, gelato makers can achieve consistent results batch after batch, maintaining high-quality standards.

The hot process is the one you may prefer if you look for outstanding Gelato Quality

In conclusion, the hot process is the method we highly recommend for top level gelato making. It ensures indeed a multitude of benefits that elevate the quality and safety of the final product.

From pathogen elimination to enhanced flavor development and extended shelf life, the advantages of the hot process are undeniable. And all of them can truly make the difference between a common, average gelato and a one that really stands out and makes your customers eager to come back.

Of course, it really depends on what kind of business you are running. If you are the owner of a restaurant or a pizzeria, perhaps you would better need an easier churning process, such as the cold one, to make gelato quicker for the ones who want a decent – yet not superlative – frozen dessert.

However, if you are looking for excellence, you already know what to do.

Just reach out to us to schedule a visit to our showroom, get advice and a quote of the perfect gelato equipment for your business!

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