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    Neapolis 9 – The fastest and most powerful oven in the world


    Neapolis is the new oven designed by Moretti Forni. The italian brand used all of its historical experience to give the highest temperature ever seen in an electric oven: 510°C.

    But what does that even mean, in practice?

    It means that we are talking about an oven that allows you to bake a pizza in less than a minute.

    Think about the consequences on your business. Baking your pizza, bread and pastries with the fastest oven on earth gives you an almost unfair advantage in terms of speed of service for your customers. And therefore, a much higher profit for you, because you will be able to serve more people in the same amount of time.


    Moretti Forni gained this exceptional outcome thanks to 70 years of experiences in designing ovens.

    As a result, Neapolis is the woodburning oven that turns to electric. An exceptional baking instrument with a cutting-edge design that respects tradition and enhances the process.


    But it’s not just the fastest, most powerful oven in the market.

    Also, Neapolis solves the problem of the firewood’s storage and purchase and avoid the environmental pollution caused by unburnt gas.

    This great oven is equipped with an electronic temperature management: the pizza maker set required temperature and keeps this setting for all the time needed. The new generation software of Neapolis oven guarantees the perfect baking. Everytime.


    Surely, Neapolis is ready to bake. Once connected to power supply, you basically just need to switch on the smart display to set different temperature of ceiling and floor. Besides, the world`s most powerful oven is made of cutting-edge materials that allows an optimal insulation and in spite of the high temperatures. No worries: you can touch the external surface without burning yourself.


    At last (but not least), Neapolis deeply respects the environment. In facts, the front opening has designed to limit power consumption: just 6.5 kW\h to bake over 200 pizzas per hour.





    • Maximum temperature of 510°C
    • Heating via bare-wire coil resistors with optimised temperature balancing
    • Self-stabilising internal deflectors
    • Electronic temperature management with independent adjustment of ceiling and floor
    • Continuous temperature monitoring with thermo couple
    • Specifically, steam draught adjustable via a manual valve
    • 5.5cm thick slab with interchangeable
    • ‘Biscuit’ cooking surface positioned on top of heating plate
    • Insulation with heated joints and a COOL AROUND® TECHNOLOGY air space
    • Removable oven chamber stainless-steel door with heat-resistant handle
    • High-density dual insulation
    • 20 customisable programs
    • Eco-Standby Technology®
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