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    T64E – The best conveyor oven in the world in terms of energy saving


    Which is the best conveyor oven on the market?

    A conveyor oven is a particular kind of oven. Its main feature is the presence of a conveyor belt that moves the food through a heat chamber, at a constant speed. The outcome of this tool is that a good conveyor oven bakes a high volume of similar products, granting everytime the same consistency.

    As a consequence, we shouldn`t be surprised by the fact that conveyor oven are very often preferred over other types of ovens. Among all the pros, we can surely mention the consistency, the ease of use, the versatility, the moisture of the final product.

    By the way, also other parameters play a key role regarding the choice of the perfect oven. Two of them are baking speed and energy consumption. Undeniably, these two parameters may decrete whether your business will be successful or not: how many pizzas will you be able to bake every hour? And therefore how much is it going to cost you?


    The ultimate pizza conveyor oven.

    And that`s where Moretti Forni SerieT comes in.

    SerieT is the evolution. T64E oven puts together both the highest baking speed despite its small dimensions, and the best energy saving performance. With the introduction on the market of the lowest energy consumption oven in its category, Moretti Forni achieves a new important goal: a striking 30% of energy saving. Such an exceptional result is due to sophisticated technologies and to special and innovative insulating materials which have reduced at the minimum energy dispersions towards the external.


    Does energy savings mean lower performances?

    Definitely not! T64E is a cutting-edge countertop conveyor that guarantees the best baking quality by combining energy savings with small dimension in order to fit work spaces requiring minimum dimensions.

    The use of innovative materials and sophisticated electronic technologies in serieT, have generated the intelligent device named ecoSmartBaking®Tech, managed through an intuitive TFT color display. The
    ecoSmartBaking®Techtechnology gathers several cutting edge functions. Among them, there`s the AdaptivePower®Technology, that allows to manage the power control according to the load inside the baking chamber. But also the Dual-Temp®Technology, a patented system that separately manages 2 temperatures inside the same baking chamber and eco-Standby®Technologyfor breaks. An oven with the cold external surfaces thanks to the exclusive patented Cool-Around®Technology.


    Why the best pizza conveyor oven?

    New T64E is a cutting edge countertop that unites the best baking process with energy consumption. All within reduced spaces, a very handy feature in small working areas.

    T64E also introduces new solutions such as:


    • The stand-by:
    • The smart belt which allow to have discontinuous baking process:
    • The double passage on the belt.


    A piece of design.

    SerieT range has a linear and iconic design. Born from the need to create a look expressing both greater solidity and the highest technological level, T64E is minimal and elegant. Lines are cleaner and coupled with a continuous and smooth surface, a rationalization of control panel shapes. The new minimal handle have been designed to contain the overall dimensions of the oven, stackable up to three chambers. That translates into greater flexibility without requiring more space.

    The black color applied to details was used to enhance the stainless steel and the solidity of the base. The BlackBar Design logo is an iconic element for the whole range: T64E, TT96E and TT98E. Besides, the new screen-holder pocket elegantly connects the two front legs.

    Finally, the abbreviation TT expresses the concept of 2 ovens in 1. Thanks to the two fans and two thermocouples, it is possible to monitor baking at any moment. Definitely an ideal solution for a perfect result over time.

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