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    P110G and P150G – The best baking quality pizza gas ovens


    Which are the best pizza gas ovens available today? Before motivating our answer, we should address another question first: why to choose a gas oven over an electric one?

    There`s one thing that is crystal clear: a great gas oven may really be the best solution for a profitable business on the pizza market.

    There are several reasons for choosing a gas oven rather than an electric one. Let`s highlight 3 main of them:

    1. Costs. Gas ovens are usually cheaper than the electric ones, allowing your business to save hundreds of bucks per month.
    2. They are reliable. A gas oven`s structure is pretty simple, and that means less issues and a prompt ease of use.
    3. Baking time. Compared to electric deck ovens of the same level, gas ovens are on average faster, saving up to 30% of the baking time (and consequently, more baked pizzas per hour, and more profits for the business).

    A great gas oven is one of the best investments you can make for your business` benefit. But then comes the next problem: what`s the best pizza gas oven available on the market?

    The solution to this dilemma is quite easy for someone who has been working on this market for years. Moretti Forni SerieP’s P110G and P150G are undeniably the best pizza gas ovens you can choose.


    P110G and P150G are for real the best gas pizza ovens on the market? But what does that mean?

    SerieP deck ovens have the highest standards in terms of both baking quality and productivity. As a consequence, serieP is specifically perfect for baking Roman style pizza and pizza by the slice.

    Moretti Forni’s P110G and P150G gas ovens ensure specifically an extraordinary pizza baking quality, that translates into crunchy borders, a crispy bottom and a more evenly distributed heat on the pizza. Moreover, the higher temperature allows a higher productivity, which means a faster baking of pizzas compared to the other gas ovens, and more customers served per hour. Besides, the great temperature stability grants maximum safety, another very important parameter to consider.


    Innovative Burner Technology.

    P110G and P150G come from the most refined technology, suitable for intensive work rhythms and for those who need to use another energy source. Available either with natural gas or LPG, with P110G and P150G you have maximum productivity in total safety. The gas powered versions of SerieP range come with special burners to always guarantee power and perfect baking, even when the door is opened frequently. The branched burners are positioned under a special double layer refractory surface: due to an air gap, distributes the heat and ensures perfect baking uniformity.

    Equipped with high density insulation and heavy-duty doors, the entire serieP range features glass doors and double lighting for a greater visibility during baking, without opening the oven. Reduced heat loss and improved operation thanks to the special front band, further retaining heat leak.

    P110G (in 2 different sizes) and P150G, are available with natural gas or LPG. They have a wide list of accessories to customize the oven according to different needs. With P110G and P150G, gas has become an extraordinary opportunity.


    A piece of design.

    As we already mentioned, P110G and P150G decks are able to provide the best baking quality for a pizza gas oven, but their technology and design are also of primary relevance.

    Every serieP deck is provided with the exclusive Moretti System Control electronic board. Therefore, split setting of heat for the ceiling and the bottom, switch on timer, economy function and cooking programs.

    The whole serieP range is fitted with heavy-duty doors insulated with high density fiber. The glass is easily replaceable from outside the oven. All the serieP models are decorated with a special black dashboard giving the oven a nice and unalterable design. And that comes together with very high hygiene standards.


    As a consequence, like all the other Moretti Forni’s serieP models, P110G and P150G are not only the best pizza gas oven. They also represent a great piece of design to enlighten your restaurant.

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