Criocabin was established in 1984 and soon became a top manufacturer of cold storage units and displays.


Criocabin expanded its product range to include refrigerated counters in 2000, working together with creative companies. This strategy kept one single goal in mind: creating exclusive products tailored to the customers’ needs.

Its products act as the meeting point between design and functionality. Therefore, they can easily keep up with new trends and innovations.


Uniqueness, creativity, style and made-in Italy production are key points for this top brand.

In this page, you can find our selection of the best products Criocabin has for your business. Their displays range from vertical to horizontal models, with the most varied cabinet layouts. Therefore, you can always find the perfect match for your shop.

If you still are not sure about what best fits your needs and you don`t want to make costly mistakes, contact us immediately!

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