GEMM is the leading company of the refrigeration world in efficiency and design.

In just a few years, GEMM has become leader in manufacturing of refrigerated equipment for professional catering. Recently, the company has undergone major expansion. They extended the first plant and acquired a second one. Today GEMM has been able to surpass an astonishing number of 7500 pieces produced per year.

This repentine success is due to its ability to develop state-of-the-art refrigeration systems by evaluating every tiny detail. GEMM researches and evaluates structure, thermo-dynamic plant, finishes and technical details by using the most advanced technologies.

The range of GEMM food refrigeration systems has been designed and manufactured specifically for the professional food industry. That includes kitchens, laboratories and, more generally, everything relating to professional catering.

But the demand comes from all the main food sectors: catering, ice cream, pastry, bakery and pizzeria.

The company distributes its products around Italy and abroad via a widespread and well- organized network of dealers chosen among the most qualified and established in the sector, thus ensuring product reliability and after-sales service.

GEMM’s pride lies in its capability to develop and implement cutting-edge refrigerated systems. And that is mainly due to its dynamic, young yet expert workforce.

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