Futility ® is a visionary Italian design brand that embodies the spirit of an open, multi-level project.

Futility is a creative universe where everything is possible. It is a brand that focuses on exploration, and therefore provides innovative and fancy solutions to a wide range of issues.

Also, it’s a single container that collects the most diverse elements. These can be Plexiglas objects, as well as the new Daxì SLIDING DESK mobile counter.

Made by Futility’s laboratory of technologies, Daxì stands out on the market through design and creativity.

Action Giromari has always sought to enhance the aesthetic language of creatives and companies. In fact, its goal is transforming projects into concrete, custom-made objects. And consistently with this vision, Daxì is both a stylish decorative and efficiently functional piece of design.

This upscale, cutting-edge sliding desk is a fully customizable workstation able to promote the brand image of any business.

The new sliding desk is a concentrate of technology with a spice of fancy Made in Italy design. A true equipped space on the move, easy and flexible to use.

Daxì is always a viable option to enhance any kind of food business. We can shape it to such an extent that it becomes a cocktail bar as well as an equipped kitchen. Or maybe a DJ station, a creperie, a sushi station, a drink counter or anything else you can imagine.

Futility brings in a chameleonic tool that will amuse your customers and distinguish your shop from any other.

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