Et al.

Et al. is the ultimate evolution of the Metalmobil brand.

Et al. produces furnishing, mainly chairs and tables for the hospitality business.

The many collections in the catalog come out of a combination of traditional craftsmanship, industrial innovation and good design. They also include products developed with international designers.

Subsequently, Et al. is a brand of IFI S.p.A., a leading industrial group providing furnishings and technology for the Food & Beverage sector. Moreover, it’s also the winner of two Compasso d’Oro design awards in 2014 and 2018.

In this page, you can find a wide range of furnishing by this Italian luxury brand. From colorful sofas to modern-looking chairs, we have it all here. With just one click, you can easily find the right furniture for your shop.

But if you still want to know more about the different furnishing options you might choose for your business, don`t make costly mistakes: contact us immediately!

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