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    Bellevue with Panorama technology represents a brand new synthesis of two fundamental characteristics of artisan gelato-making that have always been the antithesis of each other: perfect preservation of the gelato in pozzetti counters and visibility of the flavours in display cases, offering a new way of presenting and serving artisan gelato.

    1. It is a pozzetti counter, the best way of preserving gelato.
    2. Unlike normal pozzetti, the gelato can be seen, thanks to the doors made of tempered and heated pyrolytic glass (for 2 or 4 holes) which serve as a protective barrier between customer and gelato when open. The LED perimeter lighting highlights the natural colours of the gelato.
    3. It is only 70 cm deep and barely 87 cm high making it more ergonomic and offering a new way of serving and displaying gelato.
    4. It improves hygiene and makes it easier, because it is very easy to remove all the elements from inside the tank, which can then be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.
    5. It is fitted with anti-rotation tubs.
    6. It makes it possible to manage different operating temperatures at the same time.
    7. It is available in versions for 8, 10 and 12 tubs.
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