BIT Panorama

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    BIT Panorama by IFI


    BIT Panorama ® by IFI is the tiniest and most minimal freestanding unit in the field of frozen dessert interfaces.

    This tiny masterpiece stands in fact as a groundbreaking innovations as a freestanding unit within the realm of ice cream and artisan gelato display cases.
    Despite its diminutive stature, this compact marvel houses the Panorama® technology. Also, its sizes grants an array of endless possibilities. In fact, in alignment with ifi’s core philosophy, Bit serves as a transformative tool, pushing the boundaries of traditional gelato establishments.


    Key Features of BIT Panorama


    1. Effortless Integration.
      Bit Panorama® offers seamless and handy installation. This also opens up new avenues for gelato artisans seeking to present their creations in diverse settings. Even far beyond their customary locations! Moreover, it’s also the perfect ally for visionary entrepreneurs planning business expansion. Its design is in fact a specific fit for creative entrepreneurs planning to expand their business in several ways.
    2. Versatile Aesthetics.
      The clean, streamlined design, adorned in pristine white, enhances Bit’s adaptability to various environments.
      Its aesthetic versatility ensures it complements any setting with grace and style.

      Part of In&Out 2020

      BIT Panorama became a part of the prestigious In&Out 2020 collection, comprising top-tier gelato display cases and bar counters. This selection accurately included the best pieces of equipment able to serve customers both inside establishments and in outdoor settings.


      Today, BIT redefines the way artisan gelato is presented and enjoyed, making it an essential choice for those seeking innovation and versatility in their gelato offerings. Explore the limitless possibilities with Bit Panorama® today!


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