1. General Details

    Blast & Shock 14 by BRAVO is the perfect freezer machine for refrigeration of gelato and food products.

    This high-end machine guaranteed a complete food’s safety and quality. As an upscale refrigeration system, it is specifically designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of dessert businesses. It’s in fact the perfect choice for gelato or ice-cream makers, pastry chefs, and bakers. It’s also a great fit and an optimal solution for the catering industry.


    Excellent features

    It also boasts a range of technologically excellent features. These advanced features ensure for instance optimal preservation and temperature control for gelato. Thats why it’s a must-have refrigeration tool for any first class gelato shop.

    With a core temperature probe,

    Blast & Shock 14 chills your products all the way to their core, ensuring maximum freshness and quality. As a consequence, it always provides you with the highest standards of safety and quality.

    The automatic hot gas defrost and self-contained condensing unit make maintenance a breeze. A reversible door ensures easy access. With the ability to accommodate 18’’ x 26’’ and 12” x 20” x 2,5” trays, as well as 1,3 Gallons Pans, there is plenty of space to store and preserve any food creation.

    Its preset gelato program and electronic control allow for precise temperature control. At the same time, the 99 program capability ensures flexibility and customization. The HACCP memory, complete with date, temperature, and chilling cycles, ensures that your products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

    This upscale gelato freezer uses only R404A refrigerant, ensuring that our refrigeration system is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. With all these features and more, Blast & Shock 14 is an ideal refrigeration system for your gelato or ice-cream business (and much more).

    Blast & Shock possesses also a UL certification.

    MODALITA is BRAVO’s partner in North America. Reach out to us for a quote!

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