1. General Details

    Culinary style has its origins in an intimate knowledge of raw ingredients and techniques.
    From fragrances gathered over time, from the experience of tastes and textures to the intelligence of gestures: flavours take shape and proportion in the hands of the confectioner.

    Pastry design
    Like aesthetics and taste in the confectioner’s art, form and functionality are bound together in the design of Colonna.
    Colonna creates a connection: a place where the confectioner’s know-how expresses itself and meets the desire of the taster.
    Free from loads, decorations and superstructures, Colonna creates symmetrical relationships and circular dynamics around itself wherever it is placed.

    Pastry at reach
    Colonna transforms the everyday actions of serving into one single movement. With an innovative and patented mechanical system, the display surface glides out like an extension of the gestures of the confectioner, who can work and draw the displayed products while maintaining a relaxed posture.

    Pastry star
    The luminescent island created by Colonna shows pastry in its best light. LED lights with three distinct shades of white colour temperatures enable the confectioner to personalise his display.
    *3000 K warm white tone. *4000 K neutral white tone. *5000 K cold white tone.

    Pastry first
    Like in a play with solids and voids, the Colonna wall unit expresses the same formal and visual simplicity as the display case. A space in which serving accessories are reallocated into their own place: the two elements, wall unit and display case, work in synergy to focus all attention on the excellence of the pastries.

    “A classic idea of design reduced to the essentials: pure geometries, great depths… but especially the work on transparency.”
    Giulio Iacchetti

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