Daxì is Futility‘s latest compact Sliding Desk, also usable as a Portable Bar or Cocktail Station.

It works both as a stylish decorative and efficiently functional piece of design. This upscale, cutting-edge sliding desk is in fact a fully customizable workstation able to promote the brand image of any business.

It’s a concentrate of technology with a spice of fancy Made in Italy design. A true equipped space on the move, easy and flexible to use.

With its innovative design and sleek structure, this desk is built to create exceptional experiences on the go. Whether you’re a mixologist crafting unique cocktails or serving finger food, this sliding portable bar table will help you stand out from the crowd.

Equipped with sturdy wheels, convenient handles, and a lightweight frame, Daxì Portable Bar is incredibly easy to transport. Its solid structure and telescopic opening, also aided by the wheels, provide a working surface of 230 cm (90.55 in) – perfect for any job. The desk also comes with a spacious drawer and stainless steel shelves. This ensures you’ll have ample storage space for all your tools and equipment.

You’ll always have the option to customize it with your brand’s logo in the way that best fits your needs. That’s how the Sliding Desk adds a new level of professionalism to your mobile workspace.

Daxì is always a viable option to enhance any kind of food business. We can shape it to such an extent that it becomes a portable bar table, a cocktail station as well as an equipped kitchen. Or maybe a DJ station, a creperie, a sushi station, a drink counter bar or anything else you can imagine.

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